We are watching digital transformation unfold in real-time. The disruption of COVID-19 is forcing global change – accelerating organization’s adoption of technology in response.

Organizations across the globe are turning to technology to aid public health response, restart the economy, support the work-at-home environment, and help us live healthier/safer lives.

Answering these three questions will help you apply solutions more rapidly while keeping your organization aligned to their mission, strategy, and vision.

1. Gut check – How do we apply technology solutions aligned with our privacy policy?

Moral and ethical debates have been pushed to the forefront of society. Consider the following:

  • Should location tracking for citizens be required?
  • Should we allow the use of facial recognition?
  • What about emotional recognition?
  • How do we share critical data yet maintain anonymity?
  • How far is too far with automation?
  • Do we draw the line at AI-led research or allow AI-bots to direct patient care?

These are all hard questions we discuss in our blog, Addressing Ethical AI. While most organizations have defined policies and standards on privacy, there is a need to define technology features at a granular level. This will help your organizations evaluate technology solutions and how they align with policies and standards.

2. How do we keep people in focus during this transformation?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, every organization has been pushed farther than expected. Organizations are having to find ways of transitioning the workforce to drive new levels of collaboration, innovation and the success of the organization.

The pace of change is head-spinning.  Ultimately, successful transformation in the digital era boils down to one indisputable truth – people transformation is the key to success.

People are transforming processes, creating new solutions, finding brilliant uses for existing technologies, and pushing their organizations forward in new directions. It is more important than ever to not lose sight of your people.

Discover more in our recent ebook, Seeing 2020, were we demonstrate how to keep people in focus during digital transformation.

3. Can we drive digital transformation for the common good?

True success lies in an organization’s ability to make customers’ lives better—whether those customers are citizens, patients, students, or otherwise.

Many of the digital transformations we are seeing are happening for the good of the people. Public and private sectors are partnering to develop just-in-time solutions. Healthcare companies are using technology to treat patients. Tech companies are working with healthcare providers and government to leverage data for new insights.

The key element of any change requires a workforce willing to fully engage with new technology, adapt their work style to include this technology, and quickly learn how it fits into the overall mission of an organization.

We are proud that our Sense Corp Guiding Principles are so relevant in the environment of COVID-19. As we partner with our clients to rapidly deploy solutions, we keep in mind the importance of improving our clients’ journey and leaving the world a better place.

Sense Corp is a leading professional services firm transforming organizations for the digital era. We help clients solve their toughest challenges by bridging the gap between what is and what’s possible. To learn more about the services we offer,  contact us.  

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