AI is estimated to deliver $13 trillion in additional global economic activity by the year 2030.

However, most companies today are simply trying to figure out how to begin harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. When setting up your AI organization, the goal is to make the right initial investments in AI and establish the required momentum. Unfortunately, organizations can falter at this stage by either being too rigid and creating an AI strategy before they really understand AI or being too flexible and setting up multiple teams and proofs of concept without clear objectives.

While the path forward may seem daunting, Sense Corp recommends a flexible yet focused approach that will position you for success. In this presentation, Susan Cameron Devitt, Senior Data Scientist at Sense Corp, breaks down this approach into 5 clear steps:

  1. Start with the Right Team
  2.  Ideate and Prioritize Use Cases
  3. Set Up Rapid Technology Enablement
  4.  Prove, Approve, and Build Solutions
  5. Educate the Organization on AI Knowledge

This definitive, step-by-step presentation provides all the information you need to stand-up your AI organization, offering industry insights and best practices. We will discuss the future of AI and answer any questions you have about AI and how it relates to your business.


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