Provident is a non-profit organization providing counseling, crisis intervention, and reintegration planning services to the underserved communities in St. Louis, Missouri. The organization has been helping individuals and families reach a brighter future for over 150 years.

Sense Corp was a perfect match to help Provident thanks to our expertise with financial planning and business case development. They requested our assistance in the implementation of a new fee-for-service program offering Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) services. DBT is proven to be effective in treating clients with borderline personality disorder and other forms of extreme emotional instability. Provident was already running a small DBT pilot program funded through a grant but they wanted to expand the services by launching a comprehensive program offering DBT services to a larger client population.


Over the course of six weeks, our team conducted extensive market research, wide-ranging internal interviews, and cost-benefit analysis in order to construct a comprehensive business case, operational plan, and financial model for Provident’s expanded DBT program.

The team outlined 23 program recommendations in an Operational Plan designed to ensure the successful launch and growth of the DBT fee-for-service program. The recommendations included:

  • Balancing counselor caseloads
  • Ensuring counselor retention
  • Establishing and maintaining lasting partnerships
  • Increasing brand recognition and visibility
  • Ensuring the financial health of the program


Sense Corp’s efforts met Provident’s expectations for the relationship and the following was achieved:

  • Helped Provident turn an idea into a full operational launch of a fee-for-service offering
  • Provided Provident a comprehensive Marketing Plan, including a partnership packet to be used for building and maintaining vital partnerships in the St. Louis area
  • Delivered Change Management recommendations to ensure the long-term success of the fee-for-service program
  • Conducted extensive market research to determine the optimal pricing structure for the fee-for-service program, leading to a projected quarterly profit of over $14,000
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