Failure rates of corporate initiatives are hard to ignore. New technology tools are disrupting existing processes. Organizational priorities shift with business environment changes. The increasing demand for Reporting and Analytics outpaces capabilities to deliver the insight. Then there are the actual People that are necessary to actually adopt, drive, and own the change.

The most successful organizations at delivering transformative change all “start with the end in mind” and plan a holistic approach. They evaluate their ‘ability to execute’ thoroughly to rationalize the business value.

Lessons from Professional Sports

We can learn a few things from the world of professional sports. When the front office of a professional sports team decides to transform their organization, they do so strategically … and tactically:

  • The organization keeps an evergreen assessment of the competition, staff, and players.
  • Coaching staff is aligned with the offensive and defensive schemes.
  • Talent scouts continually maintain a draft board on how to improve the team with players that fill gaps and support the strengths/weakness of existing team members.
  • Individual success is aligned to the organization’s success through goals and compensation.
  • Pre-season training emphasizes the new path forward with coaching, training, and repetition.
  • Performance is gathered, analyzed, discussed, and improvement plans outlined.

3 Strategic Plays for your Playbook

Proactively manage the change: make it their idea by getting them involved; define the gap (competencies, etc.); define what success looks like for the individual; link the individual’s definition of success to Corporate’s definition of success (line of sight).

Invest in technology design so tools are self-intuitive thus minimizing the gap to close on training for “working with widgets”.

Invest in people to “upskill” their proficiency: making better decisions; problem-solving techniques; moving beyond interesting information towards insight that matters.

Making a lasting impact in your franchise by investing and elevating your personnel’s game. Consider a #NewBreed playbook for your next transformation initiative.

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