Eliminate the noise.

Immense volumes of data, both unstructured and structured, inundate business on a day-to-day basis. There are valuable insights in this sea of data for organizations that leverage Big Data to separate the signal (good) from the noise (bad).

As the volume, variety, and velocity of data continues to skyrocket, organizations using traditional technology platforms are not able to effectively process it. Big Data demands cost-effective, innovative approaches of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation.

How We Help

Sense Corp addresses the challenges of ingesting, storing, and processing ever-growing volumes of Big Data on an industry scale. Across traditional sources (structured, semi-structured data) and emerging sources (unstructured data), our Big Data solutions deliver increased efficiency and provide better business insights.

We deliver Big Data consulting and solutions paired with deep industry expertise. Our Big Data consultants bring an interdisciplinary approach that draws upon our deep heritage in data analytics solutions and services.

You get powerful insights to questions you didn’t know to ask.

Challenges We Solve

Selecting an optimal architecture and platforms

We help our customers wade through the sea of solution options. We cut through the vendor hype to recommend the appropriate platform and framework for your use cases.

Integrating new platforms and services

A Big Data solution involves multiple components to support multiple data sources. We deliver the right stack of compatible platforms and services to meet the objective.

Delivering the right value

We are laser-focused on optimizing an existing architecture to reduce new licensing exposure. We offer cost-effective solutions that can scale with your needs.

Robust support for your Big Data initiatives

Certified by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, our Big Data team has expertise across a number of technology stacks, including Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Cassandra, Informatica Big Data and other frameworks.

Big Data Strategy: Our experts will help you extend your current capabilities with a strategy to deliver the true value of Big Data for your organization.

Big Data Integration: We connect data, processes, and platforms throughout your landscape to bring them into a single manageable silo.

Data Mining and Aggregation: We help you deploy new capabilities to gain a holistic view of your Big Data sources so you don’t overlook mission-critical insights.

Big Data Analytics: With our deep heritage in data analytics, we transform data into actionable insights with effective reporting and visualization techniques.

We support the world's leading Big Data providers.

Discover insights to questions you didn’t know to ask.