Why Master Data Management?

Your enterprise is driven by all types of data (transactional and non-transactional, analytical, referential, hierarchical, meta data) which are critical to your business operations.

Disparate systems across your enterprise have various data profiles of the same entity, thus you will get a variety of results when you’re looking for the same thing.

Even though you may have a workaround now, over time this won’t last. That path results in poor customer experiences, multiple versions of the truth, and lost business opportunities.

The quest for the single version of the truth starts with MDM.

A well-designed and effective MDM platform is a critical component of the data foundation. It allows you to ask questions and have confidence in the insights you discover.

Our MDM solutions provide a holistic, 360-degree views of your data domain.


How We Help

Our Master Data Management solutions provide comprehensive views of your customer, product, supplier, citizen, patient, asset, and other master data entities to support and enable key business processes.​

Our teams can help with everything from identifying appropriate use cases and establishing a compelling business case, to navigating related organizational politics or reviving and remedying failed MDM initiatives. Our services include:

  • MDM Strategy, Maturity Assessments, and Roadmap
  • Data Governance
  • Process Reengineering
  • Technology Implementation, Support and Maintenance
  • Data Quality Profiling, Cleansing, and Enriching
    Data Migrations
  • Organizational Transformation and Change Management

We partner with leading data management solutions providers to develop and implement effective MDM programs.

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Are you master of your domain?

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