This key disruptive technology affects nearly all enterprises today.

By 2020, 20+ billion connected devices will create unparalleled opportunities for organizations to better monitor, analyze and automate almost every aspect of business.

Insight-driven organizations leverage connected device and IoT-based solutions to deepen their engagement with customers.

Leveraging data analytics and digital connectivity, they’re connecting people, processes, systems, and equipment. Value creation follows.

While connected devices and IoT are easy to talk about, implementing them can be difficult.

The promise of digital is undeniable. But as organizations seek to realize the potential of connected device solutions, they need a strategy for transformation, the capabilities to build a digital ecosystem, and an analytics operating model to convert data into insight.

Often what organizations fail to realize is that a successful integration of connected device technology across the organization requires a significant investment in understanding the business process as well as laying out a technical infrastructure to support it.

How we help:

We take the time to understand the business context and guide our clients through the journey of making the right investments at the right time to ensure incremental value adds are prioritized at each step of the transformation journey.

We work with our customers to develop solutions that lay a foundation for a scalable digital strategy that enables IT organizations to become more nimble in adapting to the changing technical landscape around them and the evolving demands of their end-users.

Our connected device solutions help our customers:

  • Evaluate the incremental value provided by connected device data across the business
  • Understand their existing maturity level and establish a road map for a device infrastructure
  • Weigh competing technical architectures and recommend solutions based on business needs
  • Enable the streamlined processing of inbound device data and integrate with legacy reporting
  • Streamline evaluating and responding to changes in inbound device data streams
  • Simplify maintenance of connected device infrastructure through modular architectures

What We Do

Predictive Maintenance

Asset Management & Tracking

Logistics Optimization

Remote Data Collection

Edge Intelligence

Create unparalleled opportunities to better monitor, analyze and automate every aspect of your business.