Well-designed experiences are often your greatest missed opportunity.

Organizations focus heavily on developing digital solutions to fit their business processes – but often chalk up the user experience to “making it pretty.” A drastically important but common afterthought, the user experience should drive the decisions for a solution, not the other way around.

Delivering digital solutions without careful attention to the user experience can destroy more value than it creates.

Build a Strong, Guiding Foundation from Real Users

Using our design-thinking centered methodology, we help you deliver a holistic user-experience by:
  • Utilizing a comprehensive research plan to guide our interviews, journey maps, and persona development
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to understand the needs of both your business and your users, whether internal or external
  • Packaging key deliverables into actionable tools to inform future design and development decisions

Achieve Business Goals and Improve Customer Experience at the Same Time

Using strategies like interim application beta prototyping, we increase a solution’s speed to market, all while capturing data from interim use so your operations never miss a beat. We propel momentum by:


  • Utilizing visual representations to align expectations throughout the dev cycle
  • Facilitating rapid feedback loops in interim applications, carefully prioritizing product objectives
  • Supplying teams with experienced Agile DevOps and Lean UX capabilities

How We Help

Our Experience Design team drives positive touchpoints with your brand, going deeper in understanding environments, devices, and user behavior. 

Sense Corp begins every project by aligning your transformation goals, architectural journey, and delivery process to your users’ needs. This unique approach ensures the best user experience for the best value. Our team’s constructive design activities may include:


  • Existing Application Experience Auditing
  • User Workshops or Quantitative Research Analysis
  • Interaction Flow or Information Architecture
  • Iterative Prototyping
  • Design Validation and Testing
  • Front End Development in Custom Applications or Platform Extensions
  • Accessibility and Performance Testing

Critically Assess Experience Flow on Multiple Devices

We help our customers deliver better experiences through iterative prototyping and interaction design.

With tailored expertise every step of the way, we define current and future state site maps, navigation flows, and content analysis to iterate through wireframes for your multi-device experience. We do this by:


  • Adopting componentized design best practices, simplifying development maintenance and adhering to enterprise-level, scalable design
  • Adhering to user prioritization clearly defined in our user research foundation
  • Taking a creative approach to drive meaningful experiences

Define New Paths for Success

Bring disparate systems and business processes into a single, seamless ecosystem.

In an existing application audit or design review retrospective of a project at risk, our team of experts uncover missed opportunities and provide insights to improve your processes. We help you deliver a positive experience for your target users by:


  • Balancing design between user priorities and business objectives
  • Enabling speed to market with Rapid Application Development platform tools and design system best practices
  • Involving stakeholders in prioritization and prototype iterations
  • Pilot testing with digital advocates for design validation

Deliver a meaningful experience.