Simply put, well-designed digital experiences are not only a modern expectation, they actually function better.

Organizations focus heavily on developing digital solutions to fit their business processes – but often chalk up the user experience to “making it pretty.” A drastically important but common afterthought, the user experience should drive the decisions for a solution, not the other way around.

Delivering digital solutions without careful attention to the user experience can destroy more value than it creates.

We Uncover Actionable Insights from User Journeys

We help companies create a holistic experience for users through research and persona creation.

Using user experience methodologies, we uncover the underlying pain points of the user journey. We map pain points to the client and customer needs to create a comprehensive and fulfilling experience. We do this by:

  • Utilizing interviews, journey maps, and personas to discover underlying pain points and highlights of the user’s experience.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to understand the needs of both your business and your client
  • Developing curriculum prototypes and detailed recommendations for implementation

We Create Innovative Prototypes to Propel Customer Experience

We empower teams to accelerate sales cycles and enhance customer experience through integrated app ecosystems.


Great user experience begins with a well-defined set of challenges. Successful enterprise technology requires strong relationships and gap-minded individuals to uncover opportunities for improvement. By navigating until both are well-staged, we can produce an innovative interim application approach to quickly take to market and capture data as a prototype before investing in the full custom development and complex legacy integration effort. We do this by:

  • Clearly articulating with visuals from conception to requirements validation, and finally to dev-ready state sign off
  • Equipping the development team to process prototype into a modern, scalable application using agile methodologies and supporting client technical process for code review and deployments


How We Help

More than counting clicks, Sense Corp’s Experience Design mindset drives positive user touchpoints, going deeper in understanding environments, devices, and user behavior to propel your business goals and make meaningful experiences.

Following a very simplistic approach, Sense Corp works to understand your business goals and dives into user considerations in designing systems. Putting users first, our team’s design and build positive touchpoints giving your systems a holistic, scalable, and constructive design.

  • User Workshops
  • Experience Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping and Interaction Design
  • Full-stack development with our digital strategy team
  • Usability Testing
  • Existing Application Experience Auditing for existing applications

We Improve User Experience Through Design Research

We help our customers deliver a better user experience through iterative prototyping and design from start to finish.

With tailored guidance every step of the way, we propose solutions that accommodate opportunities and cover gaps for clients. Using creative workshop methods, we define current and future state site maps and iterate through wireframes for your website or application. We do this by

  • Searching for patterns in audience needs for the website or applications
  • Identifying use cases among personas to prioritize features and site map
  • Iterating closely with customers to produce best-fit wireframes for the website

We Utilize Explorative XD for Dual Audiences

Our sweet spot is working in strategic alignment with your business wishlist and navigating any painful data gaps to provide creative solutions to enable insights and growth in your technology journey.

We build deep relationships with your business and your data. Working with clients, we uncover insights to improve existing processes by bringing disparate systems together into one application ecosystem, delivering a seamless experience for every user. We do this by:

  • Balancing the design between user perspective and business insights
  • Offering quick speed to market with a rapid app development platform
  • Involving stakeholder in prototype iteration
  • Pilot testing with digital advocates for design validation

Deliver a meaningful experience.