The way we work is changing.

“Knowledge workers” have been increasingly working outside of the office as well as across geographic and across organization silos. This shift is amplified by the generational drive to collaborate across a more social context.

As organizations grow in size, their need to manage information internally grows and typically span geographic locations, digital domains, and organization silos.

Insight-driven organizations understand the value of transforming data into actionable information, where the right person can view it at the right moment. They are driving employee engagement and empowerment internally through effective communication, highly functional intranets and collaboration platforms.

Portals are the “Swiss Army Knives” of technology.

What We Do

Knowledge Management

Enterprise Collaboration

Connected Experience

Governance & Accountability

Analytics Visualization

How We Help

No matter where your content and data reside, it can be made available. We help you establish the gateway to content, transactions, business processes, and collaborative innovation.

Driving employee engagement, transforming business processes, automating processes and delivering analytical insights in a portal environment begins with clear understanding of your current digital ecosystem. Then with an agreement on which use cases you want to target, we will develop an organizational plan to you get there.

Our 20+ years of digital experience can help you delight and engage users, no matter who or where they are.

Our services include:

  • Planning – Explore your business model and business strategy, understand the stakeholders
  • Current State Assessment – Assess and inventory the data, digital assets, work processes and related capabilities already in house
  • Analysis & Prioritization – Determine what you’ll need and what your initial priorities are and develop a list of projects and compare the cost of implementation to the expected benefit
  • Roadmap – Plan the execution of agreed upon projects and change management

Delight and Engage