Manage and improve business performance.

Companies focus on converting strategy to execution. What they often miss is managing the execution. This requires weaving together the right data, technology, organization, and process capabilities to provide both backward-looking and forward-looking perspectives.

The challenge of developing budgets, updating forecasts, and tracking financial and operational reports is an everyday occurrence for many. This effort is often time-consuming, repetitive, and manual in nature, leaving little time to truly analyze the information, obtain insights, and run the business.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is the capability that allows companies to manage and improve business performance.

Variations of this capability are called Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Financial Performance Management (FPM), and Business Performance Management (BPM), each of which provides a somewhat nuanced approach within this space.

Improving business performance requires tracking and managing organizational activity. This begins with organization data that is captured and integrated in the right way to develop measurable and meaningful performance indicators. These indicators need to be designed with simplicity, ensure alignment, and drive communication through the organization incorporating both leading and lagging abilities. Strategic goals need to relate to key performance indicators (KPIs), performance indicators, operational metrics, and individual behaviors.


There is nothing as powerful as an individual understanding how their activity directly impacts the strategic goal of the organization.

The Sense Corp KPI Development Methodology can guide you through this journey.  Additionally, using strategy maps, balanced scorecards, dashboards, and reports, we help companies with:

  • Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting, and Modeling Solutions
  • Financial Close, Consolidations, and External Reporting
  • Financial and Management Reporting
  • Performance Analysis and Improvement

We help companies from strategy through execution and then connect execution back up to strategy thereby improving business performance.

We align stakeholders to see value creation through the same lens.