Delivering projects is hard.

Large and complex projects are highly visible, and unfortunately, they are also susceptible to failure. They typically involve numerous stakeholders with different interests, multiple solution providers, and a lot of moving parts. It should come as no surprise that these large projects, such as ERP implementations, fail at alarmingly high rates. Increased scope, slipping timelines, cost overruns, technology glitches, and solutions that don’t meet requirements are all too common.

One way that organizations work to mitigate this risk is by embedding quality assurance services on the project. Quality assurance (QA) is performed during the lifecycle of the project while quality control (QC) is performed at key milestones to ensure successful completion and delivery. Unfortunately, QA/QC teams are embedded within the project and therefore do not operate independently. Depending only on the project team QA/QC processes can be a fatal flaw.

Many organizations, especially those in the public sector, utilize Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services for an increased level of accountability.  They are looking for a higher level of confidence regarding their projects, an increased likelihood of success, accurate project status updates, and an optimal transfer of knowledge back to their teams. These services focus on:

  • Independence – ensuring that they provide an unbiased third-party view
  • Validation – ensuring that the right solution is being built
  • Verification – ensuring that the solutions works correctly

We ensure you deliver what you promised.

Sense Corp has performed numerous IV&V projects leveraging our IV&V methodology that has been refined over hundreds of enterprise intiatives. IV&V allows organizations to quickly identify risk areas on the project and develop and execute risk mitigation actions.

It is important to recognize the challenges that an IV&V role poses on a project, where the project teams may feel uncomfortable with the additional project oversight. We know how to set up IV&V projects for success and ensure alignment between the various parties along with a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities. When set up correctly, project teams are stronger and feel supported when working through issues by leveraging the IV&V services.

This requires having a trusted adviser that can be honest and direct. Someone that has the business and political acumen along with a deep understanding of technology. Most importantly, someone with the analytical depth to work through challenges and communicate options clearly and succinctly. Sense Corp consultants can do all of this.

Sense Corp provides the following IV&V services:

  • Standard IV&V – an independent assessment of project activities throughout the project
  • Milestone-Based IV&V – an assessment of the project at key milestones
  • Remediation IV&V – an assessment of failing projects to determine remediation options
  • Project Health IV&V – a one-time assessment of the health of the project
  • Technology Architecture IV&V – an assessment of technology architecture recommendations
  • Technology Implementation IV&V – an assessment of system development and acceptance

Failure is not an option.

You committed to delivering results.