It takes a focus on value to optimize risk, productivity, and margins.

Companies differentiate themselves from their competitors through transformational change or through continuous improvement initiatives. Operational Excellence allows companies to focus on continuous improvement to create price and/or quality competitive differentiation.

Price differentiation driven by the competition often forces companies to look at their product or service pricing strategy.  Looking at this in isolation is a reactive approach. Instead companies need to have a comprehensive cost management approach in place. From a supply chain perspective, this would mean having a robust vendor management process and vendor spend analysis in place. From a finance organization perspective, this would mean understanding unit cost of production with detailed product and channel profitability analysis.

Quality differentiation by the competition often forces companies to reactively try to fix specific product or service customer touchpoints. Instead, companies should have a full understanding of their processes with every employee understanding how their role adds value to the overall process. From a manufacturing perspective, this means knowing how to manage standard and abnormal processes, and how to improve the flow. From the customer organization perspective, this means focusing on customer excellence and not just customer interactions.

The challenge is to ensure that employee actions are clear, concise, practical and, most importantly, actionable and teachable. Operational excellence doesn’t just happen. It needs to be taught.

We help you establish the operational capabilities to deliver more consistent and reliable results than the competition.

Sense Corp helps companies focus on operational excellence by looking at:

  • Process Improvement
  • Quality Focus
  • Cost Management

To optimize business and organizational processes, we begin by documenting and fully understanding the current processes. We help companies define improved processes, organization structures flow, responsibilities, and supporting technologies. We work with clients to determine the methodologies and approach best suited to help them (Lean, Six Sigma, Value Stream Analysis, etc.).

To achieve improved quality focus requires a comprehensive understanding of the customer perspective. We work with companies to document customer journey maps and score the full customer experience. We help companies document every customer touchpoint and help quantify what matters to the customer. We leverage our best-in-class customer experience frameworks.

To ensure that cost is managed appropriately, we help companies understand unit cost and develop profitability views across various dimensions. We help asset-intensive companies understand where and how to best deploy their assets. We help organization functions understand how to manage their costs and thereby increase value.

By focusing on operational excellence, Sense Corp helps companies deliver differentiation.

Execute strategy more consistently and reliably than your competition.