The way we work is changing.

Transformation projects can have huge organization, process, and technology implications.  This is often viewed as a three-legged stool, where all three legs of the stool are needed to bear the weight of the transformation change underway. However, companies often focus on technology implications first, or in large part, and dismiss the organization change management and business process impacts.

Recognize that employee resistance is natural. Getting the organization ready for change requires a different mindset and approach. Historically, companies have focused on transformation projects primarily as technology-driven endeavors, with some supporting employee buy-in, communication, and training. This is a deficient and flawed model and is often a major contributing factor to failed projects.

Organizational Change Management is an integral component of Transformation initiatives and project management. Whether a small project or a larger initiative, Change Management requires a distinct focus and dedication to achieve employee buy-in and positive morale.

We help improve performance and strengthen behavior over time.

In today’s digital era, organizations need to react quickly and innovate faster. Evolving technologies and shifting customer needs lead to constant change. Employees need to learn new technologies and processes just to keep up. Understanding the resistance to change and helping employees through the change curve can help make your project implementations smoother.

We are both team players and coaches who lead and execute change with you – establishing a shared vision and ensuring your people have the knowledge, tools, and support they need to succeed.

At Sense Corp, we can help you drive the workforce transformation that you need. It begins with a Change Playbook to help you assess where you are and understand what needs to be done. This allows you to work through actionable steps, helping you to increase employee adoption and proficiency in the process.

A slower adoption rate can result in increased employee turnover and project churn, resulting in lost cycles and increased program and project cost. This requires diagnosing and tracking the resistance and applying resistance treatment. We can drive your workforce transformation from conception to implementation through the following steps:

  • Conduct Change Assessment
  • Create Change Plans
  • Manage Change Plans
  • Support Change Adoption

The resulting deliverables include:

  • Sponsor Roadmap
  • Communication Plan
  • Coaching Plan
  • Resistance Management Plan
  • Training Plan

The competitive landscape has organizations asking more from their employees.

Drive change with more predictable outcomes.