Ready or not, digital disruption is here to stay.

No doubt your company is wrestling with the advent of increasingly sophisticated technology as a means to drive digital transformation. But at its essence, digital transformation is people transformation. Companies are learning that the driver behind successful transformation in the digital era boils down to one indisputable truth…people transformation is the key to success.

Keeping your people in focus during your transformation is non-negotiable. Technology leaders say delivering organizational change is the single most important skill for the future, as transformative value substantially derives from people-centric applications.

We Build a Strong, Guiding Coalition of Delegates

While executive sponsorship is instrumental to any change initiative, it can no longer suffice to rely primarily on sponsors and champions for leading change. Based on extensive research on implementation strategies for change, those that emphasize delegated participation by stakeholders tend to be most effective. Using our experiential change approach, we focus on people’s desires, aspirations, engagement, and experiences to reveal their defining moments in adopting change.

Our proprietary SENSE-Making model allows us to identify your informal leaders who can influence change and gain insights into stakeholder perceptions. Leveraging predictive analytics based on extensive performance research, we enrich the employee experience and importantly engagement to successfully drive change.

Identify and leverage key influencers as “change catalysts”

In fact, we rely on key influencers, who often are referred to as “super-connectors”, to lead successful change and workforce transformation. By conducting an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), we identify these key influencers for purposes of communicating change within their informal networks.

ONA is a quantitative method for modeling and analyzing how communications, information, decisions, and resources flow through an organization. SENSE-making is “the action or process of making sense of or giving meaning to something, especially new developments and experiences.”

The most critical factor is gaining insight into stakeholder perceptions about impending change.

Not only is it important to have a barometer on their awareness and understanding of the change, but it is increasingly important to gauge their sentiments about the change. To do this, we survey stakeholder perception at key intervals during the change initiative, focusing on their feelings about organizational culture and history of change.

Today more than ever, given increasing complexity owing to factors such as globalization and digitalization, success in sustaining and institutionalizing change is predicated on stakeholder buy-in and adoption. Therefore we’ve developed a proprietary assessment instrument to gain insight into stakeholder sentiment and readiness as a leading indicator of program success.

Jobs and roles are changing and identifying who is best suited for those roles is becoming increasingly important.

The ability to provide insights into your most valued people and their likelihood of success is therefore imperative. Matching an employee’s inherent strength can propel one’s enjoyment, and consequently performance, of the job. We focus on:

  • Assessing different aspects of work preferences and suitability.
  • A questionnaire that is work focused and is related to the job requirements.
  • Performance research that is used to create job success formulas for specific jobs. Otherwise, you rely on heuristics and are just guessing at the behavioral factors that relate to success.

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The competitive landscape has organizations asking more from their employees.

Drive change with more predictable outcomes.