How do you get there without a roadmap?

Any time we travel somewhere where we are not comfortable with the directions, we open our mobile map application and enter our current location and destination. We might decide that we do not wish to take toll roads. The map will be different based on our mode of transportation – whether we use an automobile, walk, or take public transportation. Once we enter the required information, the map provides us with key milestones, traffic conditions, turn-by-turn directions, and an estimated time of arrival, along with a visual representation that shows where you are on that journey.

When you begin your transformation journey, your strategy will help articulate your current and future state – where you are today and where you would like to be. But that by itself is not enough. You need to develop a roadmap to understand how to best get there and what it will take.

Companies will often embark on their journey without the required preparation. This can result in taking the wrong road, getting stuck in traffic, ending up at the wrong destination, and being late. Worse yet, it can result in individuals and teams not being aligned on their initiatives and not knowing where they are on the roadmap, resulting in failure.

We help you chart the journey –
to where the value is.

A roadmap serves multiple purposes. It communicates the overall direction. It breaks down an arduous journey into manageable and incremental milestones. It describes various aspects of the journey providing details on the program cost and resource needs. It aligns the various stakeholders together around a common vision. It highlights progress towards the destination.

Developing a roadmap is part science and part art. Some companies operate rapidly and require directional information before making decisions and quickly adjusting on the fly. Other companies are consensus-driven and may require strong supporting information such as a detailed financial business case, prior to embarking on the journey.

Sense Corp will work with you to tailor the Planning and Roadmap effort to fit your organization and meet your needs. Along with the strategy development, we can help you assess your current state and gain strong clarity on your future state. We help you communicate this to your organization and obtain the right buy-in from your stakeholders. We set this up in a practical manner, highlighting interim milestones, providing a detailed project plan for the initial phases, and developing robust cost estimates.

The planning and roadmap team will utilize many of the following Sense Corp tools:

  • Opportunity sizing and value
  • Current and future state visual representation
  • Current state survey results
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Model-based value matrix analysis
  • Driver-based financial business plan
  • Gantt chart-based roadmap

Begin your journey by developing your roadmap and ensuring everyone is aligned.  Periodically checking progress against your roadmap will allow you to get to your destination successfully.

Where is your journey headed?

Apply a data-driven, value-based approach that optimizes your objectives and constraints.