Missing the target is not optional. The success of your business depends on it.

Transforming your strategic objectives into actionable outcomes requires a plan. Your roadmap will provide you with clarity around your overall program and the various projects that will need to be executed. Your next step is to set up and successfully execute your program and project objectives.

Yet, time and time again, we find strategy fails to get to execution. Programs are not set up for success. Projects run into issues. Cost overruns become the norm rather than the exception.  The project gets delayed. Business stakeholders are frustrated. Business operations are impacted.

It requires more than a single action to ensure your programs and projects are set up for success. It takes more than hiring a certified project practitioner to lead the charge. It requires an organizational change in approach and mindset. It requires an application of rigor blended with an understanding of how to handle ever-changing parameters.

Getting this right is not optional. The success of your business depends on it.

We bring accountability and ownership –
with a holistic, coordinated focus on results aligned with business needs.

Managing transformation programs with concurrently run cross-functional project initiatives impacts multiple organizational groups and departments.

The goal is to set up your program and project for success from the start. This is a critical step that requires clarity and sifts out the noise. Whether you are developing the project charter, educating your stakeholders, understanding their expectations, or working through the project kickoff, you need to ensure that there is strong alignment and communication.

Organizations that have not dealt with transformation projects may be lacking a project management office (PMO) that not only manages project initiatives and resources, but also ensures consistency in approach on how projects are managed and executed.

Sense Corp knows what it takes to make projects successful. Whether you are looking to set up a PMO, considering the pros and cons of Agile vs. Waterfall, or understanding how to manage the intricacy of delivering projects with large functional and technical implications, you will need an experienced practitioner that brings forth the expertise and a common-sense, real-life understanding of what it takes to be successful.

We understand the combination of hard and soft skills that are most often required, but more importantly, we know how to bring together and maintain a team structure through the entire journey.

So many decisions to make. So much to navigate.

Taking on a transformation project can feel overwhelming.