Strategy offers clarity of vision and alignment of actions.

It starts with having a clear line of sight, unhindered by myriads of distractions. It is enhanced by acts and deeds that are in direct support of strategic objectives. When defined and executed well, strategy can propel organizations.

Yet, day after day, we hear of companies that did not employ the right strategy or failed during execution of their strategic objectives. Strategy through execution is not just a catch phrase – it helps organizations thrive when it is done well.

Your resources are precious and need to be channeled to drive successful outcomes.

We help you establish an executable strategy.

Many people often think of strategy purely in corporate terms – setting the overall direction of the company and trying to determine aspects such as a focus on new markets, investment of capital, or allocation of resources. Just as beneficial is having a clear business transformation strategy, with clarity on your workforce transformation strategy, digital and data strategy, analytics and data science strategy, and even your knowledge management strategy.

To help you through this you need a partner that can guide you from strategy through execution – which means having someone side-by-side with you all the way through, not someone that will help you define your strategy and then ask you to work with someone else to execute the details. At Sense Corp, we pride ourselves in helping our clients through this full journey.

Companies often either lack a strategy or operate with too many competing priorities – both of which can be challenging.  Sense Corp employs the following steps to help you define your strategy:

  • Gain Alignment – create the questions that provide you with insight to the future and help you understand what you wish to achieve
  • Forecast – develop an understanding of various pathways to the future with supporting models to evaluate how to best get there
  • Evaluate Options – narrow down your options, gain consensus on your strategy, and develop clarity to your messaging
  • Iterate – review and refine your strategy along the way

Strategy cannot be a top-down mandate.  Key organization stakeholders need to be involved allowing them to gain alignment through the process.  Various input factors such as regulation, competition, and changing customer expectations are assessed.

Sense Corp will help guide you from strategy through execution by following key Agile principles to deliver rapid and effective results.


Rapid Experimentation – an approach to the product development process where frequent experiments are deployed to discover new, innovative ideas


Iterative Planning – Embracing roadmap changes and instituting regular, proactive checkpoints to look at the plan and determine if changes are required

Disruptions force a change.

Your strategy must accommodate transformation.