In the battle to remain relevant and competitive, insight-driven organizations have a significant opportunity to outflank their competition by unlocking the power of analytics. But realizing the promise of analytics is easier said than done. How do you deliver the right insights, at the right time, to the right person to enable analytics-driven decision-making?

For most organizations, doing this successfully requires a transformation of the core operating model to seamlessly integrate analytics insights with human action. At Sense Corp, we call this “closing the last mile” of analytics. It’s the most challenging part of the journey, but also where the most value is created.

During this webinar, we’ll answer four key questions:

  1. Why do we care about data science, and how does it fit ​into the broader data landscape? ​
  2. What is the last mile of analytics, and why is it so challenging?
  3. How have other organizations successfully tackled the last mile?
  4. Beyond the technology, what else is required to enable an analytics-driven transformation?


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