A top-5 cable company with customers in a majority of the US states was taking a significant step in their digital journey. The plan was to upgrade its entire network from analog to digital in order to improve its product offering and better utilize their existing bandwidth. The network upgrade would disrupt all aspects of operations – from call centers to field technicians to marketing campaigns. The most direct consequence was the necessity to provide digital set-top boxes to customers who previously used analog-only video service.

Sense Corp had previously architected this client’s enterprise data warehouse and was intimately familiar with their data. Leveraging our detailed knowledge of the client’s systems as well as our extensive cable operations expertise, we were able to understand the complexity of the project and anticipate its numerous externalities.

Sense Corp immediately grasped that the departments impacted by the initiative did not have the single set of data and analytics they’d need to ensure a smooth digital rollout.


We created a data-driven playbook for operational alignment:

  • Call center staffing
  • CPE inventory
  • Customer experience
  • Labor utilization
  • Roll out progress

The playbook would provide all departments the information required to properly staff call centers, plan CPE inventory, and respond with enhanced customer service.

We delivered digital dashboards to track customer experience, labor utilization, growth or loss of lines of business, and incremental set-top box take rates. This allowed the client to precisely monitor the quality and progress of the network upgrade and respond to unforeseen challenges.

We also provided tailored reports to convey how the network upgrade impacted each department, informing and improving operational alignment during future upgrades.


Data-driven Planning & Forecasting

The client did not have enough information to know whether their proposed rollout strategy was plausible from either a budget or a timeline perspective.

We delivered analytic insights that enabled data-driven budgets, timelines, and strategy for quality and timely network upgrades.



While we architected the initial enterprise data warehouse for this client, Sense Corp recognized the existing data mart needed to expand to a more granular level to provide the required analytics.

In order to produce the detail needed to accurately track equipment, we added additional attributes to identify affected boxes and updated existing monthly reports to produce daily views of equipment movement. From there, we built the analytical tools, reports and dashboards that would help our clients understand how the rollout was progressing.

Change Management & Assurance

While the client was executing their own change management program, they needed our help in deciphering the story the data were telling as the project went along. Sense Corp assisted the client with their roll-out communication, ensuring all departments understood their role in the continued network upgrade and the organization’s overall progress.


Ultimately, they completed the all-digital network upgrade on time and on budget, achieving “full digitization” in just over half the time it took a similarly-sized MSO.

They became one of the first big cable companies to fully digitize their network, a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive landscape.

New digital capabilities. After the initial network upgrade was completed, we delivered post-hoc analytics to create a predictive customer behavioral model for all-digital roll-outs to additional markets. The new digital capabilities enabled the client to:

  • predict the inventory of set-top boxes the client needed to keep at various locations
  • forecast the staffing levels needed in their call centers during the digital cutover
  • measure the overall impact of the network upgrade to their organization and customers

Meaningful operational results. First-mover advantage and new digital-edge capabilities have led to an increase in revenue, subscriber base expansion, a boost in customer retention, and customer experience excellence.

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