The client, a large, complex state agency responsible for overseeing the operations of the health and human services system, knew they had a lot of data, a lot of systems, and lots of people that were dependent on information to properly serve the various constituents in the state. What they lacked was an enterprise-wide view of their information assets, particularly where multiple programs (Medicaid, CHIP, CPS, etc.) captured similar sets of information.

Uniquely identifying their populations was a challenge and no policies or procedures existed to share information among the different programs. Additionally, the lack of data standards impeded the goal of data interoperability.

It’s not just about data for data’s sake. The agency knew this needed to be a business-driven initiative clearly articulating the value sought by implementing an effective data governance program.


First, we analyzed 30 disparate source systems to identify current state data capabilities and opportunities for improvement.

Among the key needs were:

  • A single source of the truth
  • Data governance standards (policies, procedures, and controls)
  • Clear master data definition
  • Stakeholder buy-in and involvement

Sense Corp worked with the agency to create and sustain a successful Enterprise Data Governance program.

Standing Up a Chief Data Office (CDO)

We worked to define the appropriate organizational structure, policies, and procedures to inform and educate the enterprise. We also defined metrics to assess and measure the maturity level of the CDO and enable growth.

Enterprise-Wide Data Organization

We learned that knowledge and expertise of their data assets were highly decentralized and hard to obtain. By assessing the client’s program areas and defining relevant metadata, we partnered with the agency to capture a clear picture of managed data spanning the full enterprise.

Analytics Enablement

Our team worked to design master record structures in addition to capturing business processes and tying them to data entities. This foundational effort will enable the client to begin to build out their business intelligence platform for operational and analytical reporting.


With our finely tuned expertise in large scale data governance efforts, Sense Corp worked to implement an enterprise-wide data governance framework to facilitate improved services, planning, and policy implementation across the client’s enterprise data.

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