Most organizations struggle with getting Data Governance off the ground. Organizations typically assign one or two people to “go and do it” but, for most, standing up a Data Governance Office is entirely new to them. They may have seen it somewhere else in the past, they may have seen the beautiful slides from consulting firms, they may have solid executive support, but the nuts and bolts of starting the DGO are new to them. It’s easy to feel like the world is spinning around you and you don’t know where to start. Don’t get trapped in strategic analysis paralysis. Cut through the noise and take meaningful actions quickly. Learn the practical steps of how to succeed in the first six weeks while executive eyes are watching and the stakes are high!
In this webinar, Sense Corp leader Alissa Schneider will distill the noise of getting started by:
  • Giving practical advice on starting a new department, the DGO
  • Prioritizing the most impactful types of communication and the basic tools needed
  • Sharing how to utilize a visual “scope map” of the organization with data domains, business units, and data types to maximize broad understanding
  • Focusing on the business value and specific use cases that the creation of the DGO is meant to solve, not just the generic problems
  • Drafting a roadmap for the year

Watch Now:


Ready to Get Started?

Need help standing up your Data Governance Office? Our editable toolkit will accelerate your efforts to stand up a Data Governance Office by providing a visual scope map, charter, team roles & responsibilities, and communication plan.

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