In the fast-paced world we live in today, we are faced with the ever-increasing demand for data accessibility and data analytics. Organizations want to be able to develop insights and act on the data they collect in a matter of days and weeks as opposed to months and years. The traditional data warehouse presents many challenges, including:

  1. Time to Market – As you increase data volumes and data sources, you increase the complexity and time needed to deliver it to your end user
  2. Quality – When you have multiple copies of the same data, it is a good indicator that data may be siloed
  3. Accessibility – Most organizations have more than one reporting tool that is used, which allows for flexibility, but also introduces challenges including duplicated business rules, lack of a data catalogue, and no single view of data bridging legacy and modern data architecture

To resolve these challenges, you need a modern data architecture that adds in an enterprise data fabric enabled by a data virtualization tool like Denodo. This removes limits on data and data sources and increase the speed to market since you longer need to physically move or transform the data.

Denodo is a data virtualization tool with a variety of applications and functions. In this demo, we will see how Denodo can be used to build a rapid data mart, including connections to three different data sources (Amazon Redshift, SQL Server, and Salesforce) and two different reporting tools (MSFT Power BI and Tableau).

With the growing demand for rapid analytics in mind, we developed a use case in which a Sales department and a Forecasting department from the same firm need to create reports using the same underlying data. However, each department’s reporting needs will require a unique data model per department. By using Denodo to unify and model the data into a logical data fabric, each department will connect to Denodo to access their required data in a readily usable format. Our demo will show how to create and leverage that data fabric.

Watch the demo:

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