The client, a large, complex state agency responsible for overseeing the operations of the health and human services system selected Sense Corp, through a competitive bid process, to provide a modernized business environment that:

  • Removes costly disparate information systems
  • Provides consistent and timely data
  • Uses the data to improve enrollments, performance measures, payments, and services provided to individuals and providers through the agency’s Aging and Disability Services

The agency’s Regulatory Services (RS) systems and processes were built on end-of-life platforms with outdated software and paper-based processes that were in desperate need of being modernized. These systems supported critical business functions within the agency. The antiquated data systems and their hardware platforms posed significant business risk to all RS operations, which impacted service delivery to clients and the partners providing those services.


The Sense Corp solution modernizes and replaces three key Regulatory Services systems supporting several business processes into a centralized, cloud-based Salesforce platform that leverages enterprise development standards. The platform also supports inbound and outbound data integrations with over 5 applications and external data sources.

To achieve the project’s objectives, we leveraged our Salesforce Development Methodology, which includes the following phases:

  • Requirements and Design
  • Development and Quality Assurance
  • Roll-out and Implementation
  • Training and Transition
Project Development Highlights: 
  • Leveraged Object Model capability to design the data layer and employed several best practices for object design to facilitate optimal performance; leveraged enterprise-standard data models when possible to minimize re-work of the existing data models and application development
  • Provided mock-ups and/or prototypes of screens for feedback on user flow and error validation messages
  • Deliberately chose configuration over customization when possible to meet the agency’s requirements
  • Leveraged Community Sites to deliver an external-facing Provider Portal; leveraged the standard environment to deliver an internal-facing Employee Portal
  • Extended for advanced and complex presentation and business logic by utilizing:
    • Lightning (preferred) or Visualforce Pages for presentation
    • HTML/CSS/JS for enhanced UI/UX functionality
    • Apex Classes for business logic
  • Conducted Development Roadshows at the conclusion of each development sprint to provide the opportunity for development reviews and gather feedback from users and sponsors
  • Conducted data migration from the legacy systems to the new system to provide a seamless transition for the users to the new environment; tasks included, but were not limited to, data extraction, data conversion to appropriate format, and data cleansing as required by the new system specifications
  • Ensured that all deliverables and project management functions adhered to agencies standard operating procedures and enterprise approaches

The solution implementation will position the agency to address many of the challenges in delivering efficient and effective long-term services programs while simultaneously ensuring the ability to support future innovations.

The new Salesforce platform:

  • Provides a more robust, strategic solution to meet the enterprise’s business needs.
  • Provides centralized access to RS systems.
  • Improves data integrity for information shared externally and internally, as well as better secures protected information.

The system supports approximately 1,000 internal users and 12,000 external providers who will submit approximately 5,000 applications per year. The system will support 500 daily concurrent users. The legacy databases that was migrated over to the new solution equated to over 30 GB. 

The new Salesforce platform supports the following RS program areas: nursing, assisted living and adult day care facilities; intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPECC), and the Home and Community Support Services Agency.

The modernized applications delivered within the Sense Corp solution supports several business processes, including, but not limited to:

  • Provider account creation / management
  • Application submission
  • Fee collection
  • Application evaluation and processing
  • Licensing management
  • Ownership management
  • Workflow / task management / routing
  • Reporting

Sense Corp offers a variety of consulting services across data, digital, and business transformation. Our team of skilled consultants offer insights and solutions to the most important problem faces business and government. To learn more about the services we offer, visit our website or contact us.  

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