We know that a diversity statement is only as important as the work we do to support it.

At Sense Corp, diversity, inclusion, and belonging are more than just words – they are the foundations of our corporate culture. We strive for and pride ourselves on excellence. This begins with diversity and belonging at the core of everything we do.  By not only embracing but excelling at this, we empower individuals, teams, and the company to operate at a superior level.

We recognize that excellence has many faces. That means women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and veteran employees, amongst others, must have a voice that is valued and respected.

Our differences – seen or unseen, known or unknown – create teams with unique mixes of ideas, experiences, perspectives, creativity, and expertise that create better solutions to the challenging problems our clients face. Our culture fosters collaboration, spurs innovation, and creates an environment of belonging where consultants can grow as individuals, create meaningful careers, and thrive.

Below is our commitment to diversity and belonging. 

Our Commitment

Diversity & Representation

To create the change we want, we know we must start with the meaning of the words. For us diversity is our ability to truly bring together people who are different in various ways. But with this, we recognize that diversity is a flawed metric unless viewed and balanced through a lens of representation. Together, diversity and representation allow us to better embody the society we live in.

Belonging & Safety

Inclusion focuses on valuing and leveraging our differences to achieve superior results. For us, inclusion creates a connotation of entry, and therefore we believe that belonging much better describes our aspiration. Through this belonging, we want our employees to feel safe and thrive. We recognize that we are all biased and while we can never eliminate our biases, we can recognize them, better understand their impact, and work to mitigate them.

Stories & Communication

Each of us is distinct and each of us can bring our uniqueness into the workplace. For us, the best way to do this is through sharing authentic stories about who we are. Without this, there can be no appreciation of our diversity and our community of belonging. We strongly believe that stories are at the core of driving change.

Celebration & Engagement

Being diverse is one thing, being able to embrace diversity is another. For us, this means that we enjoy showcasing and celebrating our diversity. We also recognize that encouraging and working with diversity might require change and we should actively support individuals and teams to achieve superior performance by successfully leaning into diversity.

Equity & Equality

Everyone comes to us with different life and societal experiences. Simply being equal to everyone does not create equality. For us, this means driving equity of opportunity for all in order to achieve equality and fairness.

Sense Corp is committed to anti-racism and anti-discrimination in all its forms.

Through our diversity and belonging, we are focused on recognizing and addressing bias and creating fairness in our processes and the environment around us. We support equal opportunities in our workplace regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, gender identity, age, disability, marital status or veteran status.

We are committed to:

  • Our unequivocal stand against racism and discrimination
  • Our drive for self-reflection and addressing implicit and systemic bias
  • Our pursuit of actual change

Sense Corp is a gender-inclusive and respectful workplace where we believe in creating a safe space for everyone. We Support Self-Identifying Pronouns.

Not taking the time to learn about a person, understanding how to correctly say their name, or supporting pronouns can lead to the person being ignored and alienated, and creating an environment that is not inclusive and lacking a culture of belonging.

Pronouns such as he/him and she/her are gendered and used by people who identify as either male or female. Genderqueer, agender, genderfluid, or non-binary people who do not identify as strictly male or female, may prefer using gender-neutral pronouns such as they/them. We recognize that pronouns are an important part in affirming one’s identity.

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