The best laid plans by Corporate & IT often find their demise at the hands of the Field by Operations. The technology worked as advertised and the project team executed well. But that seemingly no-brainer optimization or compliance initiative dies a slow death when deployed to the business.

Operations didn’t know to mention – some policies and processes were impacted. Payroll business rules weren’t considered – then a scramble to reconcile. Someone fumbled a responsibility hand-off. And there still remain the ‘work-arounds’ that Operations uses to “actually get things done”.

A new breed playbook is required to effectively align Corporate & Operations for today’s complex projects.

It’s more than project management. Administrators, coordinators, governance, stakeholders, and project resources – all need still the need the playmaker. The one that truly has the vision, objectivity, capabilities, and leadership to deliver successfully.

It’s more than performance management. Management must elevate their game beyond ‘the stick and the carrot’. Operations leadership must elevate above explaining away the variance. Analytics can be great information – if those insights truly turn into decisions. Accountability matters.

It’s more than change management. Corporate & IT leadership must elevate their game to engage the business in a way that addresses geographical disparity, cultural barriers, challenges to status quo, and lack of collaborative innovation. There’s both an art and a science.

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