Driven by a changing landscape, our client understood that transforming its operating model could replace end-of-life technologies, automate manual data capture, enable access to skilled labor, and meet the ever-increasing customer demands for operational insights. To enable these transformations, Sense Corp was engaged to execute a technology infrastructure modernization and empower data-driven decision making over the course of a multi-year, enterprise-wide digital transformation program – estimated to unlock over $100M of value for this client.


Sense Corp leveraged five practice areas – AI & Automation, Business Transformation, Next-Gen Cloud Operations, Clean Data, and Modern Analytics – to create a bold vision and roadmap to transform how the business ran and served its customers.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure, Sense Corp implemented a scalable, cloud-based big data platform and compute engine to support advanced analytics, automation and integration between systems, a data lake, and curated data environments (among others) to support diverse use cases. Sense Corp partnered with their client to discover and develop multiple advanced analytics use cases to improve overall operations, reduce dependencies on legacy infrastructure, and enable dozens of business users with a higher level of autonomy via self-service capabilities.


Ultimately, advanced analytics helped inform business decisions to identify areas of greatest risk and focus resources on the highest priorities at the right place and time. A selection of these use cases includes:

  • Data-Driven Pricing Strategy uses advanced statistical models and simulations to optimally price the client’s products and assets, which replaces legacy “gut-driven” decision making.
  • Parts Prediction for Equipment Failure determines which equipment parts are the most likely contributors to unit alarms and failure events – further, these tools and insights help reduce the overall number of technician trips and is projected to increase field operating efficiency by ~25%.
  • Fault Analysis for Downtime Events uses telematics sensor data to attribute downtime events to a specific cause, which is an insight that both optimizes maintenance and helps predict if an issue will occur before it happens.
  • Intelligent Inventory Classification Process (of hundreds of thousands of inventory items) uses a sophisticated natural language understanding (NLU) solution to automatically generate the correct classification for each inventory item, automating a highly manual and tedious process.

Another key benefit was the entire program’s scalability – whether in its ability to acquire/onboard new business quickly, enable the ability to manage increasing assets, or hire/onboard skilled resources efficiently to continue building its advanced analytics organization.


Ultimately, Sense Corp was able to meet this client exactly where it was in its technology infrastructure modernization journey: from building its first ever AI/ML solutions to building a thriving, enterprise-wide advanced analytics practice from scratch. This partnership took next-gen ways of thinking and leveraged five practice areas to provide a 360-degree view of the organization and prove the continuous value of investment into advanced analytics. Along with its new, cutting-edge insights and capabilities, this organization was able to improve operational efficiency, improve profit margins organically, and embark on their data and digital transformation successfully.

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