In the beginning, things were simple. The company, a leading manufacturer in the oil and gas industry, was producing only one type of BB…in one factory…and shipping them to one destination. With an excellent reputation for accuracy and on-time delivery, they had become a successful enterprise with healthy profit margins.

Different rock formations found in new geographic areas created a need for more fracking products.

  • Soon, instead of one product, they were making 12.
  • Instead of one factory, they needed five.
  • Instead of one destination, they were shipping to five regions across the country.

Accuracy and on-time delivery were becoming more and more of a challenge. That’s when they called Sense Corp for help.

Finding a solution was going to require a fresh approach.


First, we mapped their processes. Our supply chain assessment revealed two things:

  1. Sales and Operations were at odds. Operations didn’t know which products to produce because Sales wasn’t communicating with them.
  2. The company was misapplying its technology.

Fortunately, their issues were entirely correctable.

Using our supply chain expertise combined with our general management skills, we helped the company create a whole new organizational structure.

We then recommended tools that would allow them to forecast demand, aligning it with capacity.

Not only did we create a roadmap to efficiency, we worked side by side with the client for six months to put it into place.


By partnering with regional teams across the organization (including sales, operations, logistics, transportation and distribution), we were able to gain buy-in from employees, which allowed the company to transform into a more nimble organization.

The company evolved its operations into a flexible hub-and-spoke model, achieving 99.75% order accuracy in an industry marked by volatile demand.

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