We created this FP&A webinar because analytics have become an increasingly important part of every business domain, especially in finance. Whether in daily transactions, treasury management, or identifying trends, understanding the latest FP&A tools and techniques is a critical competency for finance executives. Staying up to date on these analytics can make the difference between the ability to identify a changing business environment as it is happening versus being able to predict those changes and proactively move your organization to respond to the coming changes.

In this FP&A webinar, Sense Corp Managing Director Michael Daehne gives an expert overview of the trends and technologies that every business can use to understand and leverage modern financial planning & analysis strategies. He also outlines how to evaluate the 5 key considerations for transforming your organization’s financial strategy:

  1. Charter and Approach
  2. Understanding Your Market Drivers
  3. Essential Tools
  4. Clean Data
  5. Organizational Talent

Watch Now:

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