Addressing Industry Change

The expression “necessity is the mother of invention” has never rung truer. While some changes to industry were underway prior to COVID-19, every day – all around us – we see established industries being disrupted, and COVID-19 continues to accelerate what was already a rapid pace of change.

For example, take Netflix Party. This feature is a direct result of COVID-19 isolation – and it allows us to transform what was once an offline experience into an online experience where viewers are socially and digitally connected with content that is globally accessible across device types. The desire for these “frictionless, digitally connected customer experiences” – combined with changes brought about by COVID-19 – is fueling the new order of business.

The Future of Digital Business

In this eBook, we explain how every industry is moving from a digital tracked customer to a digital engaged model, and finally, to a digital reimagined future. We also explore the transformative journeys of three industries: restaurant, education, and health/fitness – which will frame how expectations are changing, how businesses will need to adapt, and 7 considerations to make sure you embrace the new order of business in your industry:

  1. Create Your Digital Transformation Roadmap
  2. Strive to be a Data Leader – Not a Tech Leader
  3. Adopt an Agile Mindset
  4. Unbundle and Re-bundle the Value Chain
  5. Explore the Power of the Platform
  6. Integrate Location and Event Independence
  7. Implement Personalization at the Core of Every Service

As you look toward this future order of business, just remember, the new order rules can really be boiled down to: disrupt or be disrupted.


Here’s a look at what to expect:


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