What is Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) and how do you incorporate these methodologies into your data engineering practices?

When done correctly, incorporating new CI/CD practices involving people, processes and tools will lead to more agility, collaboration and better software quality in modern analytics. But where do you start?

With the increasing adoption of cloud services, modern analytics products, and Agile methodologies,  Software as a Service (SaaS) based DevOps platforms, like Azure DevOps, make it easier for organizations to adopt CI/CD practices.  Azure DevOps is designed to integrate different aspects of the entire software development lifecycle including version control, build and release pipelines, artifact management, automated testing, reporting as well as project management.

In this webinar, Eda Johnson, Big Data Architect at Sense Corp, will review:

  1. What CI/CD is and what it means for data engineering teams
  2. Key elements of implementing and maintaining CI/CD processes
  3. Best practices for development, testing, building and deployment that support automation
  4. Azure DevOps services including Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines and Azure Artifacts

Watch Now:

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