A fast-paced multinational payments solution company partnered with Sense Corp to develop a modern, cloud-based information delivery platform to enable the next generation of data management, integration, and services to each of the company’s global business units. This effort focused on building a mature data services organization and operating model with the office of the CTO to empower business users throughout the organization to self-serve data and key business analytics.


Headquartered in APAC, but with business units spanning APAC, AMER, and EMEA, this client’s leadership team knew there was opportunity to tie disparate data and reporting together and house it under one roof to better understand data at a companywide, global level. Because each business unit operates as its own entity (its own c-suite, staff/divisions, data cleanliness standards, reporting, etc.), tying this globally spanning information together would be complex. Sense Corp was engaged to do just that: merge data from three operationally independent entities in different parts of the world, consolidate all of the data under one roof, and standardize and modernize reporting for new analytical insights.


A significant element in this project’s success was a robust understanding of the project’s global reach – and the many considerations that must be taken into account when working with multiple nations: from accounting for multiple currencies, to differing privacy regulations (e.g., EU vs. US), to continent-level and country-level considerations, and ensuring solution efficacy/availability across vastly different time zones.

To drive the unity and consistency in data, reporting, and analytics that the client’s leadership team wished to see across its business units, Sense Corp leveraged its Sense Corp Modern Analytics Framework to modernize the client’s data and reporting approach – using cloud technology to merge previously disparate data across global business units, create a single source of truth, provide more breadth and depth to available data, eliminate ad-hoc/in-house tools, and create standards around taxonomy (and more).


Despite the operational differences between business units or regulatory differences across continents and countries, Sense Corp was able to successfully modernize and unite the company’s modern analytics strategy across each business unit – directly helping 500+ internal users and 4,000+ client users move off of a manual, on-prem process to a cloud-based, next-gen platform with complementary, modern toolsets.

Ultimately, the client received more than just a set of new tools in a new infrastructure – Sense Corp was able to provide highly-tailored, collaborative modern analytics services that both modernized and matured their analytics strategy, including a fundamental shift in the way business users visualize, consume, and draw insights from data.

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