As an industry regulator and economic influencer for almost 100 years, this state agency knew there was a need for a strategic, agency-wide transformation initiative. Updating its data systems to leverage advanced analytics and AI capabilities would have a direct result in its ability to better ensure public safety and regulation in the alcoholic beverage industry. The agency’s responsibilities also include everything from protecting extremely sensitive, vulnerable data all the way to fighting human trafficking – all while focusing finite state resources to ensure both customer service and customer compliance among every entity that sells and/or distributes alcohol in the state.


Advanced analytics and AI capabilities offer crucial insights that could put this agency in a much better position to provide life-saving services – however, its current systems were unable to support this technology. The agency engaged Sense Corp to build a modern enterprise data solution (EDS) leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – the cutting-edge in cloud computing services. Not only would the EDS consolidate disparate data and meet high-stakes security requirements, the EDS would also take full advantage of GCP’s advanced analytics and AI capabilities – including native integration with Google applications like Maps and Places.

Despite the fact the project start date coincided with the first COVID-19 lockdowns, both teams were able to adapt to unprecedented circumstances because of the prioritization of close communication, an agile/sprint-based project execution, and a shared culture of nimble, flexible project management. This exciting, challenging, multi-phased project was designed to help the agency build a new foundation for its data.


The first phases included assessing and conceptualizing opportunities for (1) data governance, security, and ownership; (2) advanced analytics; and (3) AI/automation – in addition to integrating data from disparate enterprise apps and master referential data (e.g., public website Contact Us, agency asset tracking, customer entity types and locations, etc.) into a single version of truth that would ensure consistency of agency-wide data. In addition to a single version of truth, the agency gained informative Tableau reports based on the GCP-loaded data; training in GCP fundamentals; and report specs, data dictionaries, and handbooks/access guides.

The final phases of the project will deliver critical data security for sensitive CJIS and juvenile data, focus agency resources with advanced analytics (e.g., self-inspections for low-risk bars vs. in-person agency inspections for high-risk bars), and leverage GCP’s geographic information systems to identify potential human trafficking violators.

Leadership commended the Sense Corp team and noted they were impressed with the results and excited to use the solution – and that we did a “fabulous, fabulous job!”

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