It may sound obvious, but it costs less to prevent a health crisis than to treat one. And that’s not just better for the healthcare provider — it’s better for the patient.

There are many simple steps a physician can take to help a patient avoid an impending health crisis. The key is having access to accurate, timely, actionable information.

Our client, a network of primary care physicians, specialists, and clinics wanted a better way to provide primary care physicians with the information they needed to help improve outcomes. In an effort to do that, they had been providing monthly quality reports to their doctors, but the information was delayed, disjointed and not actionable.

Sense Corp set out to help arm physicians with what they needed when they needed it.


All along, the client actually possessed the right medical information.

But because of the way it was segregated in different systems, it couldn’t be accessed and interpreted in a meaningful way—such as, to predict health complications or suggest preventive measures—things that could actually benefit patients.

We enabled them to extract useful medical information that could help doctors determine a treatment plan.

Instead of monthly reactive reports, physicians began receiving robust weekly reports filled with specific, actionable input about individual patients.

Patients with diabetes are at increased risk for eye disease. But until Sense Corp intervened, the list of patients with diabetes and the list of patients who had had eye exams were on two separate systems.

The new integrated system provides the information to the doctor that the patient is diabetic and is missing an eye exam.

It was a simple change, but one that could make a world of difference to a patient with diabetes.


Sense Corp not only helped create the new system but also met with physicians to achieve buy-in.

Preventing health crises before they happen has not only been beneficial to patients but also to the client’s bottom line.

The client’s core business model was both enabled and strengthened by Sense Corp, allowing them to continue to achieve the lowest mortality rate in their state.

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