Salesforce’s ability to handle large workloads and participate in high-consumption, mobile-application-powering technologies continues to evolve. Pub/sub-models and the investment in adjacent properties like Snowflake, Kafka, and MuleSoft, has broadened the development scope of Salesforce. Solutions now range from internal and in-platform applications to fueling world-scale mobile applications and integrations. Unfortunately, guidance on the extended capabilities is not well understood or documented. Knowing when to move your solution to a higher-order is an important Architect skill.

In this webinar, Paul McCollum, UXMC and Technical Architect at Sense Corp, will present an overview of data and architecture considerations. You’ll learn to identify reasons and guidelines for updating your solutions to larger-scale, modern reference infrastructures, and when to introduce products like Big Objects, Kafka, MuleSoft, and Snowflake.


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