Evidence-Based Solutions

We help organizations develop and optimize evidence-based approaches to patient care that are reliable and actionable. And we’ve partnered with health systems throughout the US to manage per capita costs, helping them reduce spending while still delivering quality care.

healthcare management consulting

Our Approach

Our teams are both analytical and creative. They bring a positivity to the workplace that clients describe as energizing. Best of all, the ideas we bring you actually work—we know, because we stick with you from strategy through implementation.

How We Help Our Clients Succeed

Patient Experience Excellence

Enhancing patient and provider experiences with seamless collaboration and coordination

  • Effective care coordination
  • Longitudinal patient records and data models
  • Analytic-driven “next-best action” care models
  • Member enrollment, acquisition, and retention strategies

Medical Management

Solving the data gaps by applying digital and analytics solutions to deliver:

  • Personalized medical management
  • Care management
  • Evidence-based medicine platform
  • Mobile solutions for clinical data capture

Value-based Care

Managing cost of care that supports patient experience and care delivery outcomes

  • Provider credentialing
  • Big Data & Data Science
  • Population Health models

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