Better lucky than good? … we don’t think so.

Failure rates of clinical initiatives are hard to ignore. Whether it’s a delivery re-organization, integration of new networks, a major EMR or Care Management roll-out, or Operational Efficiency – all require leadership to elevate their game. The reality is: some will elevate their game and others will not.

Bridging the Great Divide

Healthcare provider organizations understand that sustainable change is only accomplished with staff and clinician engagement. The ‘great divide’ that exists in healthcare organizations between administrators and staff poses the largest gap to close for any initiative to succeed.

While general ‘change management’ concepts such as alignment, ownership, and accountability receive appropriate attention – few organizations consider the importance of empowering staff leadership with the capabilities required to actually “own” the change.

Winning, Losing, & the Difference

Winning one and done is not good enough. Continuously improving year over year requires a championship level of rigor, focus, and discipline.

What do all of these situations have in common?

  • A major health system implements an organization-wide EMR at significant cost and impact on productivity. Years later, studies show that patient safety issues, including many related to the EMR itself, persist.
  • A university-based health system makes significant reductions in nursing staff to compensate for reduced patient volume. Remaining staff are demoralized and overworked and blame the layoffs for one of the highest rates of patient readmissions in the state.
  • An ACO invests in an analytics dashboard for participating providers, but the lack of alignment between it and the participants’ other reports causes a lack of trust in the data being reported. Outcomes don’t improve and costs continue to increase, unabated.

Each organization focused on executing their respective play but did not think about modernizing their global management competencies. Only focusing on the play lacks context. It is necessary, but not sufficient. What about the next play? Do you have the right personnel fit? Do you really need to upgrade to a team of all playmakers? Or do you just need to teach a new offense to a legacy team?

Elevating the Game

Elevating your team’s game means modernizing management and that often requires new vocabulary, competencies, tools, and expectations. The empowered and accountable care team can ensure you won’t fumble the next play. Measurement, Process, Technology, Standards, and Policies are necessary, but not sufficient. Make a lasting impact in your organization and the broader healthcare sector by investing in and elevating their game.

Consider Sense Corp for your next challenging initiative.

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