Failure rates of corporate initiatives are hard to ignore. Whether it’s Organizational Restructuring, a major Technology Transformation, or Operational Efficiency – all require operational leadership to elevate their game. The reality is: some will elevate their game and others will not.

Winning, Losing, & the Difference

Winning one and done is not good enough. Consistently winning year over year requires a championship level of rigor, focus, and discipline.

What do all of these situations have in common?

An Oilfield Services Provider completes a Supply Chain Optimization initiative but fails to drive excess cost out of the process.
An independent E&P operator reorganizes into an Asset-based team structure, but F&D costs are not improved.
A Drilling Contractor develops a Rig Manager Analytics Dashboard but doesn’t decrease downtime.

Each company focused on executing their respective play but did not think about modernizing their management competencies. Only focusing on the play lacks context. It is necessary, but not sufficient. What about the next play? Do you have the right personnel fit? Do you really need to upgrade to a team of all playmakers? Or do you just need to teach a new offense to a legacy team?

Elevating the Game

Elevating your key personnel’s game (modernizing management) often requires new vocabulary, competencies, tools, and expectations. The empowered and accountable stakeholder-champion can ensure their team doesn’t fumble the next play. Process, Technology, Standards, and Policies are necessary, but not sufficient. Making a lasting impact in your franchise by investing and elevating your personnel’s game.

Consider Sense Corp for your next challenging initiative.

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