We focus on our employees’ career and leadership development by paying attention to each individual and their unique needs.

We utilize our Sense Corp Career Framework to map out the distinct career path of every individual and identify the combination of people leadership and thought leadership development. We have an exceptional leadership development program that helps you define your path both at Sense Corp and as a leader in your community.


What Our Model Looks Like

Our training and development set us apart and allows us to build leaders for the future – both people leaders and thought leaders. Using our distinct career map, we help guide every individual on their career journey. Whether just graduating from university or joining as an experienced hire, all consultants participate in our various training and development programs. As shown above, our model highlights three programs, each targeted toward a specific group of professionals and focusing on various leader skills. To learn more, explore our programs below:

What We Do Differently

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Deliver high-impact programs that utilize latest research, evidence-based training, and modern development techniques to drive success.

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Focus on assessments, learning, and provocative reflection for every individual’s strengths and opportunities, championing what makes them unique.

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Celebrate inclusion through equal opportunity career development and leadership growth, with a focus and sponsorship of minority groups.

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Influence real business results by challenging norms and the status quo, with a focus on unique leadership styles and data-driven advancement.

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Discover Your Path

In this year-long program, we enable our top young professionals who are preparing for leadership roles. Working side-by-side with our top leadership, participants explore what it takes to become a leader at Sense Corp and in the world. With a variety of leadership exercises and events, the program focuses on discovering, discussing, and applying leadership topics.

  • Educational Events and Panels
  • Best Practice Review and Application
  • Collaborative Peer Sessions
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Carve Your Path

This year-long senior leadership development program begins with an assessment conducted by a leadership expert and results in a robust development plan. Participants are coached to the plan by a high-level Sense Corp executive sponsor, who provides feedback and guidance throughout the year. With quarterly peer sessions and group development opportunities, the program has delivered exceptional results getting our leaders to the next level.

  • Leadership Assessment and Review
  • Development Planning with Leadership Program Director
  • Active Coaching Provided by an Executive Sponsor
  • Collaborative Peer Sessions and Capstone Presentation
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Master Your Path

This leadership program takes senior leaders who are preparing to move to the executive level and gives them a significant cross-organizational project. The team works together to develop an understanding and solve a real business problem while experiencing similar demands to executives. This action learning project provides real failures and successes, focusing on cross-function collaboration with their peers and maintaining accountability for and across business units.

  • Cross-Organizational Project
  • Real Business Problem
  • Executive Preparation and Visibility

We Also Offer

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Consulting Foundations

For new college hires to develop foundational skills

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Consultant Ramp-up

For experienced hires to better access organizational resources

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Online Learning Platform

For everyone to upskill across a variety of topics

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Instructor-Led Training

For everyone to participate in-person and fine-tune their skills

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Expert Knowledge Shares

For everyone to participate in key learnings from our experts

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COE Certifications

For everyone to work with any Center of Excellence and earn certifications


Discover Your Path

Jemma Miller

When I joined Discover Your Path, I was excited for an opportunity to share and learn; we share our successes, failures, and tips and tricks, and we take the opportunity to learn from them. We’re all at similar points in our careers, so we often come across similar hurdles. Through this program, we were able to work through them as a group, utilizing collective empathy and experience. Discover Your Path breaks down organizational barriers, familiarizing participants with different divisions, skillsets, and ideology, offering a connectedness that would be hard to come by otherwise. Through planned events, brainstorms, training, and meetings, we heard from numerous Sense Corp leaders, enjoyed good food, and practiced necessary skills in unique and creative ways. I appreciated the honest conversations we had with leaders, the atmosphere that encouraged everyone to let their guard down, and the empowering program that brought company leaders and aspiring leaders together.
Carve Your Path

Shweta Mahajan

When I joined Carve Your Path, I was ready to take the next steps in my career. The program provided the perfect platform to launch me to the next stage. Through various assessments, I was able to reflect on perceptions others have of me, identify my strengths, and acknowledge my weaknesses. Through these assessments, we set leadership goals and spent the better part of a year working to accomplish and conquer those goals. Carve Your Path pairs you with a career coach, determined with compatibility in mind, who acted as a resource and support system throughout. Additionally, the other participants provided a safe space to share experiences, and the program leader offered constant support and encouragement. As I went through the program, I found myself growing into a better leader through a combination of coaching and real-life experiences. I believe that Carve Your Path helped me see that my future at Sense Corp is bright.
Master Your Path

Josh Rachner

When I joined Master Your Path, I regarded it as the premier leadership development program at Sense Corp. It provides key leaders with a high-touch and interactive experience for reaching an executive capacity. The approach is unique; it takes senior leaders through a 12-month engagement, having them identify a corporate opportunity and assemble as an executive team to deliver an enterprise solution. Our team created a new line of business at Sense Corp, which is now a core capability within our firm. Beyond the tangible outcomes achieved from the initiative, lifelong relationships were cultivated, team members elevated into top-tier leadership roles, and we had a blast, despite how challenging it could be at times. I’m very fortunate for the opportunity to participate in Master Your Path – it provided the most significant lift in my career to date and has enabled me to have a refreshed perspective as I continue to invest in the next generation of leaders.

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