New Consultants Gain Experience While Providing a Half Million Dollars in Transformative Services to Nonprofit Organizations

ST. LOUIS, November 1, 2018 — Sense Corp, a premium data and digital services provider, is pleased to announce the results of their 2018 Sense Corp Outreach Excellence (SCORE) program. Each year, the organization identifies nonprofit organizations that need assistance with transformative, capacity-building projects. This year they partnered with College Bound in St. Louis and It’s Time Texas in Austin to deliver over $500,000 in pro-bono work.

“This program is so special to Sense Corp,” said Keat Wilkins, Sense Corp CEO. “It not only allows us to support our community in a meaningful way, but it also provides our newest consultants a way to gain experience that reinforces the brilliant, creative, fun and human values that makes our firm unique.”

Over six weeks, the St. Louis SCORE team partnered with College Bound, a local college access nonprofit, to provide a website design flow and vendor recommendations. The project included:

  • Interviews and a user-experience workshop that guided feature requirements, wire frames, and a sitemap for the organization’s new website.
  • Platform evaluation and recommendation
  • Creation and submission of RFP to identified website vendors
  • Evaluation and recommendation of proposals
  • Finalization of website requirements and creation of a value-feasibility matrix of different website features

Additionally, the team produced a Brand Guidelines document for College Bound, as well as a Pre-Launch Checklist, a checklist of actions items that need to be completed between the end of SCORE and the creation of their website.

“It was such a great experience to work with College Bound,” said Kendrick McCleskey, senior engagement manager at Sense Corp. “We hope these extra deliverables will help College Bound jump-start their conversations with vendors and get them a few steps closer to a new website.”

The Texas SCORE team partnered with It’s Time Texas (ITT), a statewide nonprofit with a mission of creating, leveraging and distributing free tools, services, and programs to drastically improve health and wellness, to complete two projects: one focusing on operational improvements and the other on a new partner program.

The first project began with a current state analysis of ITT’s operations. From there the team focused on three key areas:

  1. Documenting the organization’s expense process
  2. Breaking down financial reporting
  3. Creating project management methodology and training materials

SCORE provided the ITT team with financial templates to organize income and invoices, as well as a project management toolkit to standardize the evaluation of new projects and programs.

“We had such a great experience with this program and are so grateful to the team of talented analysts who worked with us this summer,” said Amy McGeady, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer, It’s Time Texas. “The operational improvements project far exceeded our expectations, and thanks to the actionable suggestions provided, we will be able to take a huge leap forward more quickly than we thought possible.”

The second project was to create a business case, financial model and partner selection model for a new partnership program.

“We are thrilled to have a robust partner selection model that we can use immediately,” said McGeady. “The team’s presentation not only illuminated specifics about this project, but also provided needed insights into the thought and research process we can use for future endeavors.”

The SCORE program takes place annually and has previously partnered with other nonprofit organizations including Recipe for Success, The Little Bit Foundation, Provident and College Forward. To learn more about the program go here.

About Sense Corp:

Sense Corp powers insight-driven organizations. We turn data into actionable insights and transform organizations for the digital era. Our people, culture, and how we engage with our clients are key differentiators. Brilliant, Creative, Human, and Fun exemplify who we are. Regularly recognized as a Best Place to Work, we have operations in Austin, Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, San Antonio, and St. Louis and serve mid-market to FORTUNE 50 companies. Founded in 1996, Sense Corp has delivered exceptional results to hundreds of the world’s largest global organizations and complex government agencies.

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