Salesforce is widely considered one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise application platforms in use today; but as one company discovered, over-customized design configurations can often circumvent the benefits of the platform’s native functionality and limit its full business potential. Sense Corp helped this company by providing a health check and security review of its existing Salesforce system, as well as developing a go-forward plan to ensure the company could realize the full benefit of Salesforce’s capabilities and advantages and how they can be applied to more effectively realize their business goals.


A financial services firm had been using Salesforce for 18 months but had yet to take advantage of the full capabilities Salesforce offered.

Because the company had previous experience in working with Sense Corp and was keenly aware of the Salesforce expertise Sense Corp can leverage, the company sought a partnership that would evaluate the health of their Salesforce system and provide a deeper understanding of where the platform was most effective and where the company could better optimize performance. In addition, Sense Corp realized that the health check could provide the perfect opportunity to evaluate the platform’s current-state security and information sharing structures for continued business success.

Approach and Methodology

Sense Corp provided a qualified team of Salesforce consultants to effectively gauge the company’s security setup and protocols, identify areas requiring attention and remediation, and evaluate new security requirements for future state business objectives.

The Sense Corp team conducted a blueprint assessment, or health check, to examine the firm’s Salesforce platform and compared its current state to best practices. This included an extensive look at the coding, metadata, workflows, business logic, and security involved with the company’s Salesforce platform, as well as the business needs that drove the sharing and visibility setups. After providing a manageability rating for each area, Sense Corp then developed a blueprint map based upon the ranking of priorities and the level of effort needed to bring each item to an acceptable level. Sense Corp also advised the company on whether each change should be considered mandatory or optional and suggested an order in which to execute changes. This gave the company a solid plan for optimizing their Salesforce platform before embarking on a new digital roadmap.

Sense Corp also conducted a full-scale security assessment starting with an in-depth evaluation of the company’s business values and how well they were aligned with core design principles to inform security decisions. This included an examination of accessibility directives and policies that integrate system design, structures, and metadata to ensure consistency across all business areas.

Once the company’s business needs were documented, Sense Corp evaluated the state of the existing system’s security and compared it against best practices. The evaluation focused on user interactions relating to commonly used input fields and how data was mapped to those fields.

From there, Sense Corp initiated a proof-of-concept phase to understand what a future state might be and how that state might impact the existing platform. Sense Corp used a sandbox environment as a starting point for implementing data security changes and seeing the potential impact of each change.

Finally, Sense Corp assembled all these learnings into the company’s Salesforce Roadmap 2020, which identified next steps and quick wins and mapped these to the future state goals of the firm’s digital strategy. The roadmap demonstrated why changes were necessary and provided a suggested timeline for rolling out improvements.


The company was equipped with an actionable plan to optimize its Salesforce platform and finally recognize maximum ROI. With specific tactical checklists detailing levels of efforts and suggested timelines, the company could engage its users to achieve a structurally and technically optimized platform on which to build future enhancements. They also realized additional training and improved user adoption were required to bring their Salesforce goals to fruition and, as a result, contracted with Sense Corp to provide a team to continue this work until the necessary internal resources could be acquired and trained.


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