A healthcare delivery network and Sense Corp initiated a partnership over ten years ago with a single goal in mind – providing doctors and patient care professionals with the data and insights needed to hone illness prevention, enhance patient care, and quickly and accurately diagnose illnesses in an effort to dramatically reduce senior mortality rates.


Our client’s transformation began with the end-in-mind thanks to a comprehensive, Sense Corp led, current state assessment and strategic road map initiative which defined 10+ discrete projects and complimentary change management practices. Sense Corp served as the strategic advisor, primary implementation partner, and facilitator of change for each program objective. Business intelligence and data warehousing related components of the program included:

  • Data Source Consolidation/Business Rules Definition/Data Cleansing
  • Design and Development of a Member/Patient-Centric Data Warehouse
  • Care Model Reporting via a distributed reporting catalogue for Physicians
  • Regulatory/Compliance Reporting – HEDIS Audits and Submissions
  • Program Management and Governance
  • Organizational Change Management and Readiness Assessments
  • Conversion of Legacy Reports and Dashboards to Leverage EDW
  • Modifying Medical and Utilization Management Reports following a System Modernization

The business intelligence program drove creation of a centralized data warehouse environment that consolidated and streamlined over 90 data sources, thereby enabling the creation of a reporting and analytical environment that serves as a single version of the truth, automates the flow of information to business decision makers, and enables performance improvement through enhanced information availability.

The solution included constructing, from the ground up, an atomic (detailed) level and analysis (summary) level data warehouse hosted in SQLServer that supports automated distribution of reports via the Business Objects XI platform to leadership and physicians across the company.

The cornerstone of this Business Intelligence (BI) program, the distributed reporting catalogue for physicians, was designed to deliver weekly quality and incentive metrics to doctors with the goal of changing their behavior in ways that would result in better quality outcomes for the patient.  


The outcome of our work enabled the creation of a reporting and analytical environment that provides the client with a “single version of the truth,” which provides the physicians with a better understanding of patient data. This unique, metric driven Patient Care Model has been so successful that client’s patient population currently experiences half the mortality rate of the average patient population in Texas.

Through this partnership, Sense Corp created an environment that enables the CEO’s vision of extraordinary care for seniors and is positively impacting the lives of Texans and other seniors across the country.


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