A Fortune 500 firm specializing in supply chain management services knew there was opportunity to reassess the efficacy and horsepower of its modern analytics, data warehouse, and app dev toolset. In partnering with Sense Corp, the firm discovered the invaluable ripple effects holistic assessment, strategic migration/consolidation to Azure, and a deeper investment in its modern analytics practice would yield across the enterprise 


A modern analytics, data warehouse, and app dev platform migration was in progress, and the firm engaged Sense Corp for an assessment to review the current architecture and use cases, validate technology platforms and tools, and assist in defining appropriate next steps. Initially just an assessment to validate if/when/where the platform migration should take place, the prioritization of close communication and collaboration across the organization allowed both teams to build a partnership – and allowed Sense Corp to get a complete, holistic understanding of company operations and where modern analytics could be leveraged to reach its goals intelligently and efficiently.

This holistic vantage point ultimately revealed a migration to Azure would strategically consolidate the firm’s toolset into one platform and set the foundation for a number of previously unrealized modern analytics capabilities with a Snowflake data warehouse (DW) – not to mention the benefits of untethering the firm from costly software unsuited to its needs.

Within the Azure platform, Snowflake’s DW enabled the firm with a secure, cost-effective, scalable toolset that is designed with its end users in mind. With all critically important data streaming into Snowflake on a regular basis, this client now operates with a best-of-breed solution – i.e., clean, defined processes and architecture – which allows them flexibility and creativity to operate as a data-centric company with new, envelope-pushing capabilities and insights. Next steps for the firm are leveraging Databricks, further developing AI/ML use cases and capabilities, and migrating new AI/ML capabilities to the cloud.

This strategic consolidation and migration to Azure will continue to reduce long-term spend, establish clean processes and controls, increase self-service/on-demand capabilities, and modernize data discovery and visualization, among others.


What this initiative was able to do was more than building out a modern analytics practice – it also demonstrated the “art of the possible,” which included a game plan on how to consolidate the current toolset, how to take full advantage of the consolidated platform’s numerous capabilities, and how to set up an internal advanced analytics team to reach its goal of totally independent modern analytics management.

A powerful determiner in this engagement’s success was the firm’s “employee-first, get-it-done” culture – coupled with the encouragement from leadership to approach this engagement creatively – Sense Corp was able to access users across divisions to right-size the solution for the maturity of team; take a thoughtful, phased learning approach to build user adoption; and set the foundation for a scalable modern analytics practice that can evolve with the organization.


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