Modern Analytics and space travel center around exploration – or more so, the instinct and curiosity to explore beyond what we can see right in front of us and make meaning out of something intangible.


In this eBook, we explore analytics – in parallel with the rise of two explorers –  and how it continues to evolve to a new frontier of cloud-based software/systems that incorporates more and more artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a magnitude of capabilities beyond “data warehousing in the cloud.”

Teams will be better prepared for analytics transformation and making the most of new platforms by building a strong understanding of the rise, value, and direction of cloud analytics:


The Rise

The world of analytics is in a state of continuous evolution – but the emergence of cloud-based software and systems has allowed for data analytics to grow beyond technology-bound databases to more accessible, versatile platforms that require minimal investment and oversight. Analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) is quickly becoming popular among businesses because applications are managed flexibly, off-premises, and at a lower cost.

The Value 

Businesses can leverage modern cloud platforms and practices for net-new solutions and to enhance existing capabilities, resulting in:

  • An upgrade in quality – Enhanced analytical tools/self-service capabilities result in Improved end-user analytics interaction, better overall insights, and focused outcomes
  • An increased speed-to-market – Rapid environment set up and prototype development without large initial cost investment accelerates the release of new products/services
  • Operation on a global scale – Integrated infrastructure around the world leads to global deployment capability at scale
  • Improved cost transparency – Cost visibility at a granular level provides sharper insights to adjust overall product/service costs
The Direction of Cloud Analytics

Explore the differences between modern and legacy systems, the Big Three, available technologies, and implementation scenarios – plus our pre-flight checklist and next steps.


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