Maintaining a statewide database and health communications network in today’s environment can be difficult for any organization operating from an outdated platform. It was particularly difficult for one public sector entity that was using a 2003 SharePoint site to manage all health notifications for their network’s 2,000 registered users. To help this agency, Sense Corp built and deployed a new Health Alert Network (HAN) notification system on the Salesforce platform to allow streamlined communication to authenticated medical professionals and enable the department’s HAN coordinator to manage and distribute health alert notifications to public participants and contacts throughout the state.


As part its standard services, a state health department maintained a database in which approximately 2,000 registered medical professionals could update their information and access stored documents, notifications, and “Bulletin Boards” relating to health information. The main feature of this database was a health alert network (HAN) that required a network coordinator to distribute health notifications to subscribers via phone, fax, email, or text. These notifications must be distributed to medical health professionals quickly and reliably, so they have the critical information they need to properly respond to public health issues.

However, the legacy system in place relied upon an antiquated web portal based on a 2003 SharePoint site that required multiple logins and numerous fixes. The user experience was outdated, poorly functioning, and often lagging due to the antiquated and insufficiently engineered database. In addition, the network coordinator had to use multiple systems to send messages via different platforms making the process cumbersome and time consuming. The process involved sending emails from an individual email account, with a separate process for fax, and no SMS ability at all. The coordinator was also sending MS Word documents back and forth as a registration form for new users.

The department needed a modernized platform through which subscribers and authenticated users could more easily and safely access health information. They also needed a solution that could deliver notifications quickly and effectively via phone, fax, email, or text based on a user’s role and location.

Approach and Methodology

Sense Corp used a hybrid agile approach to develop a modern, user-friendly Salesforce solution and community web portal to store subscriber data and manage all alerts and messages for authenticated medical professionals. The Sense Corp team integrated the Salesforce solution with Twilio, to enable the network coordinator to not only manage and distribute notifications via email, but also by fax, text-to-speech (TTS), and short-message-service (SMS).

The solution also leverages the Salesforce Lightning Experience, delivering a more modern, productive user experience for optimized efficiency and personalization. The Lightning Experience also allows the application to be branded, so the client could incorporate their own interface styles and standards, ensuring the application would mirror their newly designed web portal.


The new solution streamlines network communications so the coordinator can now send email, TTS, SMS, or text notifications through Salesforce without logging in multiple times to different systems. By leveraging a common data model, the HAN solution can easily surface information about a notification, contact, or document to appropriate users based on their authentication and access role(s). Once the notification is received, recipients are asked to confirm receipt, and the coordinator then sends the reported details back to the counties via call-down reports so they can use them when applying for funding.

The solution also includes a secure document library from which users can access general health information, reference documents, weekly reports on influenza/COVID, and past notifications more rapidly. This library is hosted on a community site that follows the same security protocols as the entire HAN network, and is continuing to grow as more individuals are consistently seeking access to the network.

Perhaps most importantly, the new system will be especially helpful in handling communications around the COVID-19 pandemic. In a time when speed, accuracy, and security are critical in getting people the care they need, this new Salesforce-based solution can deliver a modernized, safe, and streamlined notification system that meets the urgent needs of the medical community it serves.

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