Digital Transformation is People Transformation

Digital transformation is continually changing how consumers interact with brands, citizens interact with government, and employees interact with their organization. From smart homes and automated systems to supply chains that think and act in real time, we are witnessing a transformation in the way we live, work, and do business. Organizations are having to learn new strategies for engaging and supporting all stakeholders in a hands-free and screenless digital era.

70% of digital transformations fail, most often due to resistance from employees.­­­­


Every organization is wrestling with the advent of increasingly sophisticated technology as a means to drive digital transformation. and in their pursuit of the “next big thing,” they can easily lose sight of their most important asset: their people. Successful transformation in the digital era boils down to one indisputable truth – people transformation is the key to success.


The Value of Keeping People First

People Transformation relies on change management, a discipline based on accepted research and methodology that employs proven techniques for managing changes in an organization’s structure, strategies, operational methods, technologies, and organizational culture. Change management does not just enable organizations to achieve their transformation objectives. It also provides enhanced benefits such as reduced disruption to the organization, a more resilient and adaptable workforce, and overall de-risking of future change.


Change management helps organizations stay on schedule, meet objectives, and remain under budget during digital transformation.


In this e-book, we provide key elements of our people-first thinking to keep your people in focus as you strive for the promise of digital transformation. Sense Corp recommends focusing on the following to prepare your organization for digital transformation:

  1. Reimagine Your Worker Ecosystem
  2. Incorporate the Human Element
  3. Use Data for Workforce Optimization
  4. Foster Digital Dexterity of the Workforce
  5. Adopt Design Thinking for Innovation and Growth


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