After the CMS announcement in January of a major push towards value based care, we can expect private payers to follow this course aggressively as well. In our recent article Value for Independents, we suggest that rather than viewing value based as threat, this model can level the playing field for independent providers of care who are willing to re-think their business.

In excerpts from the article, Sense Corp offers up a few ideas for providers that not only want to survive, but thrive in the new value based world.

#4: Seek Efficiency in Operations

Value based contracts provide impetus for change in workflow. This doesn’t have to be a “big bang,” but rather an incremental and iterative activity, focused on reducing variability in operations. Identify bottlenecks with greatest impacts, especially those that drive patient experience and cost and work through the issue. Then move to the next largest bottleneck and so on. Addressing staff pains in the process will also help with adoption of new approaches and reduce burnout.

Automate where appropriate so that all members of the team, doctors, care managers, nurses and office managers are able to delegate and thus work at the top of their skill level. Some areas of opportunity include leveraging traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) principles for patient engagement and follow-up, telemedicine, email and phone consultations to reduce costs and predictive analytics to identify opportunities to run outreach campaigns.

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