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A cloud-based analytics platform

Establishing next-generation analytics capabilities requires a transformational shift in program approach, operating model, and organizational mindset.

Leverage Sense-Ability to deliver value that is right-sized for your organization in a single, easy-to-use platform.


  • Analytics, visualization and multi-channel support
  • Flexible options for a tailored solution
  • Real-time streaming for advanced use cases
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Why Sense-Ability?

At a pace never seen before, organizations are expected to provide better quality services with fewer people and shrinking budgets. The challenge is finding accelerated, cost-effective ways to leverage data to drive better outcomes. Sense Corp has the solution insight-driven organizations are seeking: Sense-Ability, an analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Powered by Sense Corp, our cloud-based data analytics platform enables agility from data acquisition to the point of action, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions that meet your organization’s needs. Sense-Ability allows you to gain immediate value without the costly upfront investment of traditional analytics program approaches.


  • Maximum security at all levels of the architecture
  • Rapid data integration — any source, any size
Focus on Capabilities and Enablement - Not Hardware, Software and Release Cycles

No Hardware Purchases

Flexible and fully configured platform in the Cloud

Predictable Cost

Your bundled analytics service is paid through a monthly subscription, so you never have to worry

Cloud Based Service

Scalable environment to fit the business needs and cycles with scheduled upgrades and maintenance

Sense-Ability Use Cases

Data Science Labs

Discover new insights with analytics labs and data science capabilities.


Validate analytic use cases with supporting Proof of Concept / Proof of Value solutions.

Analytic PaaS

Operationalize analytics with full cloud or hybrid solution architectures.

How Sense-Ability Works:

Sense Corp has 20+ years of deep experience in data analytics, defined best practices, and proven accelerators to ensure your success. By leveraging internal and external data sources, as well as a wealth of knowledge from across our client base, we provide support and expertise tailored for your organization.

Sense-Ability Data Analytics Platform Architecture

We partner with best-of-breed platforms to deploy next-generation analytic capabilities.

Gain immediate value without the costly up-front investment of traditional analytics programs.

We can help.