AUSTIN, Texas (Jan. 27, 2021) – As state and local governments work to address constituent needs for COVID-19 vaccinations, professional services firm Sense Corp is helping them fast-track their efforts with a comprehensive vaccine management solution. Launched in December, the configurable, cloud-based Sense Corp Vaccine Management Solution is currently being leveraged in multiple states to vaccinate over 6 million people and counting.

Leveraging the Salesforce Vaccine Cloud, the Sense Corp Vaccine Management Solution is a tool that provides modernized capabilities to manage vaccine supplies, logistics, scheduling, and tracking of doses to provide the fastest and most effective relief possible for those affected by the COVID-19 virus. It offers frontline capabilities that track the recipient’s entire vaccination journey, from registration through follow-up, to help streamline the process and ensure fast and easy vaccination for millions of individuals.

“Our solution is gaining momentum with state and local governments, public authorities, and health care providers of all sizes wanting to ramp up their vaccination efforts, and all of them – from top 25 cities to the largest healthcare organizations in the country – are selecting our solution because it’s scalable, quick to deploy, easy to use and maintain,” said Sense Corp Public Sector SVP Jimmy Schatte. “As one of the very first vaccine management solutions to go live in the U.S., it is continuously updated with lessons learned from other deployments, making it adaptable to our clients’ rapidly evolving vaccine distribution challenges.”

Municipalities, counties, and local public health authorities are currently using the solution to manage vaccine inventory, including controlling the right amount of vaccine to keep on hand at the various facilities, identifying reorder thresholds, and ensuring compliance with applicable state and federal guidelines. As the solution stores records for all distribution sites, potential vaccine recipients in these areas can now register and schedule vaccination appointments at a designated location according to vaccine inventory and availability.

“This is a comprehensive solution designed with the end user in mind, making their journey from registration to vaccination follow-up as quick and seamless as possible,” added Schatte. “Along with our capabilities for rapid deployment, it’s one of the primary reasons we continue to be selected as a vaccine management partner by state and local governments all over the country.”

One of the keys behind the Sense Corp solution and its popularity with state and local governments is the integration of advanced analytics for equitable vaccine supply allocation and distribution, accurate dosage administration, and effective monitoring of population engagement. By combining native Salesforce components with these integrated analytics in a single-pane-of-glass, program administrators can access the information they need from a unified command center to manage their entire vaccination distribution program from start to finish.

Supported by decades of Sense Corp healthcare and advanced analytics expertise, the modular solution is also ADA-compliant and addresses all guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the deployment of COVID-19 vaccination programs.

For more information on the Sense Corp Vaccine Management Solution and how it can be customized for state and local government and healthcare organizations, visit here.

About Sense Corp

Sense Corp is a leading professional services firm focused on transforming organizations and government agencies for the digital era. We deliver tailored solutions to help clients solve their most complex challenges and maximize potential. Founded in 1996, Sense Corp maintains operations in Austin, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and St. Louis and serves mid-market to Fortune 50 companies. For more information visit

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