AUSTIN, Nov 20, 2020 – Sense Corp congratulates U.S. military veterans throughout Texas and the Midwest as they graduated earlier this week from a nine-week career program provided by FourBlock, a nationwide community of veterans and employers dedicated to assisting veterans in transitioning into a post-military career.

Sense Corp participated in a FourBlock session on October 21, 2020, joining an impressive array of companies that includes Oracle, Uber, Tableau, Indeed, and LinkedIn. The Sense Corp session focused on conducting a job market assessment and mapping a career, and it was led by four Sense Corp employees who have personal experience with this challenge: Chris McKee (Marine Corps), John Green (Army), Ben Bythewood (Air Force), and Rachel Dishman (Navy military spouse).

“This partnership is a great example of our commitment to positive social impact,” said Keat Wilkins, Sense Corp CEO. “When we are able to align strategic goals of our firm, the passion of our employees, and the opportunity to partner with meaningful investments beyond money, we’re making the world a better place with lasting change.”

FourBlock was founded by veterans who themselves experienced the challenges of moving from military service to civilian careers. While veterans bring a wide array of technical, leadership, and organizational skills from their time in service, they sometimes struggle to translate those skills to non-military tasks and communicate their value to potential employers.

“It can be difficult adjusting to the civilian world, whether you’re just leaving the service or have been out a while,” says FourBlock graduate and Marine Corps veteran Matthew Perez. “One thing this program gives you straight out is peers. People that you can relate to and empathize with. People that are actively working on themselves in the same way that you are.”

Unlike traditional job placement services, however, FourBlock empowers veterans to take ownership of their transition and make informed decisions about their next career. “This program helps people find what they’re passionate about…not just what they’re able to do,” said FourBlock Regional Director and Marine Corps Veteran Queta Rodriguez. “We want veterans to create meaningful careers that bring joy as well as a paycheck.”

While some of their participants are in their early 20s and just starting their career planning, others are long-serving veterans who are looking to create a new chapter of their lives after their military retirement.

One such participant is Mike Barker, who has served in the Army for 20 years and is planning for the civilian career he will start after his military retirement next summer. For him, the greatest value of the program was seeing the wide array of options he had ahead of him. “FourBlock gave me opportunities to explore companies I may have never looked at,” he says. “Sense Corp is a great example of one of those companies.”

“Sense Corp is committed to helping employees find careers—not just jobs,” said Wilkins. “This fits well with the FourBlock mission, and I want to personally congratulate the FourBlock graduates and thank the organization for letting us be a part of the program this semester.”

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