AUSTIN, September 17, 2020 – Sense Corp was recently recognized by OutSystems as Innovator of the Year in the Americas region for its role in the development of a state-of-the-art pre-screening digital application for a Fortune 100 insurance provider’s long-term care (LTC) sales division. The honor is the highest given in each region and is one of several awards given to recognize organizations and people that are successfully using OutSystems to digitally transform business operations.

Based on the OutSystems platform, the LTC Pre-Screening Tool is already providing significant value by allowing the insurer’s agents to use a dynamic survey to assess potential clients’ insurability for a long-term care policy. By using this tool for optimized pre-screening, the company is reducing dependence on the complex underwriting process and its rate of policy declines, which cost around $3,000 per application.

So far, the company has seen declination rate reductions of up to 6% when compared to the same period from the prior year, and should this rate of success continue, it is likely the organization would see an average yearly savings of more than $600K.

According to Sense Corp Technical Program Manager Dane Sauceda, the LTC Pre-Screen Tool has been a “game-changer” for the insurance provider. “The web and mobile application combines a modern, dynamic pre-screen assessment with a robust and detailed data model to determine the likely eligibility of a proposed client in a matter of a few minutes, thus drastically decreasing the barrier to appropriately pre-screening a client. This reduction in the rate of declined policies improves underwriting efficiencies, decreases call center volume, and potential cost savings are expected to land in the millions.”

The LTC Pre-Screening Tool is one of the applications Sense Corp developed as part of LTC AppCentral, a suite of consolidated web and mobile tools intended to support the digital transformation of the insurance company’s LTC sales division. By using the low-code OutSystems platform, Sense Corp continues to expand LTC AppCentral with a host of applications designed to reduce operating costs, provide policy transparency, and increase sales efficiency across the provider’s entire organization.

“One of the ideals we have lived by in regard to ideation, is to develop tools in such a way that they are capable of paying for themselves through increased revenues or reduced cost,” said Sauceda.

“The current application tracker and notifications apps on AppCentral are already giving the company’s LTC agents more time back in their day—and the new apps and features we’re adding will free agents up even further to spend more time with their clients. It all makes for a happier, more efficient, and more productive agent community, which is excellent news for the insurer and their bottom line.”

Sense Corp has been an OutSystems partner since 2013 and has leveraged the company’s platform to deliver a multitude of diverse applications and data management solutions for over two decades. The company won an OutSystems Innovation Award for Fastest Time to Market in 2019.

About OutSystems

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About Sense Corp

Sense Corp is a leading professional services firm focused on transforming organizations and government agencies for the digital era. We deliver tailored solutions to help clients solve their most complex challenges and maximize potential. Founded in 1996, Sense Corp maintains operations in Austin, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and St. Louis and serves mid-market to Fortune 50 companies. For more information visit

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