Healthiest EmployerHOUSTON, June 3, 2019 – The scale continues to tip in favor of the Sense Corp Wellness Program! On May 23, 2019, the Houston Business Journal (HBJ) recognized Sense Corp as one of Houston’s Healthiest Employers for 2019 in the category of small and medium companies (fewer than 1,500 employees). For five out of the last six years, Sense Corp has been a finalist with the Healthiest Employers competition nationwide, and this is the company’s second year in a row for a Houston win.

Sense Corp launched its wellness program in 2010, and today it has grown to include weekly wellness communications, seasonal health challenges with cash and non-cash prizes, and an array of unique fitness opportunities throughout the year, from yoga in the office to an honest-to-goodness axe throwing class. (As a testament to the skill of the instructor, all participants left with the same number of fingers they had when they started.)

However, the Sense Corp Wellness Program incorporates more than just diet and fitness, instead embracing all six wellness pillars measured by the HBJ survey: physical, emotional, mental, financial, spiritual, and social. All these components play into an individual’s overall wellness, and the firm looks for ways to integrate these principles across daily work life. For example, wellness challenges include tips for eating and exercise, but they also offer a social component to encourage fun interactions among employees. Yoga classes promote spiritual and mental wellness as well as physical flexibility and strength. And employee programs that provide financial advice and mental health outreach ensure that staff are supported in critical ways outside their work roles.

No corporate wellness program can be successful if the work culture itself fosters stress, burnout, and a priority of business success over the health and welfare of individual employees, so Sense Corp ensures that its employees are treated as people, not interchangeable assets. The firm prioritizes flexible work schedules to promote strong work-life balance, and from healthy catered meals to sit-to-stand desks, Sense Corp ensures that its offices promote, rather than impede, a healthy lifestyle.

One of the things that the company is most proud of is the flexibility of its wellness program. Given the diversity of the company’s staff, program organizers recognized early on that not everyone is at the same place on the wellness spectrum or values the same wellness benefits and challenges. The Sense Corp program is designed to challenge everyone from couch potatoes looking to gain more energy to triathlon athletes. Additionally, with a staff that ranges from recent college graduates to people with young children to older (but young-at-heart) individuals, Sense Corp looks for activities that everyone can participate in, and the success of this approach is evidenced in the company’s 90 percent staff participation rate over the last five years.

In summing up the Sense Corp Wellness Program’s impact on staff engagement and morale, HR Director Bruce Roquet said, “It’s great to come to work every day at a company where each person’s health is valued by everyone. From our top leadership to the newest hires, we have an environment where people are supported in living healthfully. This is not only good corporate practice, but it reflects that our company is committed to its core value of making our employee’s lives better. This is a commitment to not just improve the way our employees experience their work but to encourage each employee to have a healthier lifestyle.”

About Sense Corp:

Sense Corp is a leading professional services firm that has delivered exceptional results to hundreds of the world’s largest global organizations and most complex government agencies. We turn data into actionable insights and transform organizations for the digital era. Our people, culture, and how we engage with our clients are key differentiators. Regularly recognized as a Best Place to Work, we have operations in Austin, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and St. Louis and serve mid-market to Fortune 50 companies.

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